#TheLounge with Medium Marisa Liza Pell – Calibrating Your Energy Equation with Catherine Gagnon

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Summer break is here!!! 🤩🤩Have you planned out your vacation already?🏊🏊

Are you so full of energy, looking forward to it or you just don’t feel like it?

You know it, there are days that you are very excited about something, there are also those days that you’re just not in the mood to do anything.

Sometimes, you also feel like you are in the same pattern of your life and you wonder how to break free from that and create something different.

🌟🌟Meet Catherine Gagnon!

Catherine is an Emotional Alchemist, Mind-Body Medical Intuitive Healer and Master NLP Transformational Coach who works with people who are tired of being tired and worried.

She’s also a hang glider pilot, has a Nurse Practitioner diploma and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Natural Medicine.

And in this Friday show, Catherine will discuss about:
*The Energy Equation and Energy leaks: how to recognize them and plug them.
*What are creating the same patterns in people’s lives and how to break free from that to manifest something different
*Going to the Grand Buffet of LIFE: Where Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction meets so that people can create a Life they love!

Catherine can hear, see and feel the emotional and physical “energy leaks” in people and help them “plug” these leaks. As a result, her clients regain sustained physical/emotional energy, recover faster from illnesses, attain mental clarity, self-confidence, feel more at peace with themselves and happier in their relationships.

Excited for the show? I bet you are!

So make sure to BE THERE or you’ll BE SQUARE. Plain and simple.

Marisa’s MONTHLY ENERGY FORECAST, already out now!!👉 https://linkfol.io/marisapell

Every 15th of the Month, Marisa goes over key dates for the month for manifestation! Whether that be relationship, career, or relocation decisions, timing is key!

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