[#TheLounge] with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ Cleanse Your Spirit in 2022

Lounnngggeeee! Are you ready to get your energy revved up for 2022??? Join us on New Years Eve bright and early wayyy before that ball drops!

The Lounge is here for you right on time to get you prepped for when the clock lands on the magic hour!

If you’re thinking this year is about practical goals, think again! The magic is in getting your energy connected to the divine source, so your opportunities in 2022 appear and come to you!

That’s right this is the year of being so perfectly aligned in your center and “tuned in” that there is no pushing, pulling OR prodding to set in motion all your dreams goals manifesting quickly!

Of course this concept is…well a concept that makes sense if we think about it. But HOW exactly do we get ready? What do we do!

Well our special guest all the way from the UK, Peter Paul Parker breaks it all down simply! The how’s, the why’s and that what about’s!!!

So who is this spirited suitor?

Meet Peter Paul Parker – Meditation coach, Ki Gong instructor and Sound Healer! Peter Paul Parker is an expert in the mind-body connection, a sound healer, and working with both the energy body and the physical body.

Peter is a Ki Gong champion, having entered a competition with the British Team in Korea in 2016, winning the International competition.

Peter has run a successful coaching business for many years and has particularly done some amazing work with the elderly. He has set up a charity called Brighter Living to help the elderly with their health and well-being using Ki Gong and meditation.

Peter has also worked with schools in his local area, helping people connect with themselves, from grandchild to grandparents. Peter has launched the Bright Beings Academy, which is his online business, which incorporates everything that he does to empower people to reach their full potential as human beings.

So what can you expect as a key takeaway?

– Using your breath to connect to a more spiritual life
– Cleansing your body of negative energy to help your intuition be your guide
– Find your profound purpose
– Where your mind goes, your energy flows
– Focus on your dreams and goals

Sound great!!!? Well, get your popcorn ready, and your cheese board filled, because we start the New Year’s Festivities RIGHT here!!!

Want to apply to be one of Peter Park Parker’s 20 FREE student trainings? Go here: Peter Paul Parker Meditation and Mindfulness Coach https://www.peterpaulparker.co.uk

Marisa’s INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM for LEVELS 1, 2 and 3 will be out VERY soon! For special promos and to be the first to be notified, get on the list here: https://linkfoli.io/marisapell

You know what we say, be there or BE (we will say after the bell)!!!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

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