[#TheLounge​] with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ From Burnout To Brilliance

Hola Lounge!!! Are you ready for the Friday night frolick vs. frolic? Which form of frolic would you use? We will see tonight!

Tonight is a special night in El Lounge-O-Rama. Our special guest ~ Empowerment Coach and Business Mentor Marisa Bailey, not only SPELLS her name with one ‘S’ just like I do (which is rare), but also must go through people either calling her MAREEESA or sending her constant e-mails usually addressed, ‘Hi Marissa’!

For some this minor detail might not mean much, but for those with the name Marisa spelled with one S, the choice of constant corrections is a difficult one. We usually wait for at least a few e-mails to see if MAYBE people will do their due diligence and look at our huge e-mail signature at the bottom, or maybe check the spelling when we message back with, ‘Hi It’s ~ MARISA’.

But no, this sometimes just doesn’t happen and we have to make the painful choice to make the correction now, or wait like 5 years and then say something in a joking manner when joking with that person would be apropos (which most people wouldn’t spell with an S either)!

So I digress….Friday night is going to be STELLAR my friends!!! Don’t you ALL want to know what it takes to go from ‘Burnout To Brilliance’? It’s been a wild ride these past 9 months and so many of you have decided to make some BIG changes.

But with BIG changes comes overwhelm and some of you taking on EVERYTHING yourself (which often leads to a BIG pain in the you know what!)

So just think for a second…WHAT IF. WHAT IF you were able to make big changes, and also have some big time in your schedule for enjoyment, fun, and laughs?

I mean isn’t that WHY you chose to make these BIG changes in the first place?

AHA! A light bulb has just gone off in your mind!

Well, come to the lounge and find out the HOW. OH, and let us not forget that music makes us all merrier. And who better to make some music with kazoos and washboards, but the one (s) and only, Songcathers Extraordinaires ~ #AprilMaeandTheJuneBugs​!

But don’t put that boogie in your back pocket just yet. Medium and Co-Host Elise Sattilaro has those cards close to her chest. You may be thinking she’s listening and learning, but she could be pulling some cards on YOU. Hmmmmmm. Think about it.

You know the rule. If you’re a square, you won’t be there.

If you’re not, you will.

Be there Mr./Ms. no square.

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