#TheLounge with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ Get Out Of My Head

by Medium Marisa Liza Pell

LOUNGE GALS AND GUYS!!! You don’t want to miss this Friday’s episode where we will focus on ENERGY EMPOWERMENT!!! That’s right. Maybe you are moving into the New Year with gusto, but those LIMITING THOUGHTS are holding you back!

Well, we want to nip THAT in the bud ASAP! It’s time to start looking at HOW YOU ARE THINKING, and then your actions from that place will allow you to create your future from a beautiful blank canvas. You may want to manifest dreams and goals with a passion, but your thoughts may be the one thing that may be self defeating.

Enter Michelle Kuei, an Energy Leadership Expert who is determined to get you up to speed. She writes, “Our core energy includes whatever the person brings to any situation, which is influenced by internal and external factors. The energy is at the core of thoughts, emotions, and actions that relate to how people see themselves, those around them and the world itself.

Are you at the effect of your circumstances or are you the cause of your situation? Learn the 3 steps to elevate your own core energy that creates change!

*ON THE LOVE MUSIC FRONT* we have someone special in store for you this weekend. Pop recording artist Rich Hennessy will be joining us LIVE to add some music to the mix! And of course our lovely co-host, Medium Elise Sattilaro will be on hand with the cards!!!

What is in store for 2021? We will find out!

Be there. No excuses. No square.

Our lovely MEDIUM extraordinaire, Elise Sattilaro, will be shuffling her deck and we are not sure “what’s in the cards.” Join us and tell your spooky tale!!! Be there and don’t be square…not now. Not ever.

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