[#TheLounge] with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ It’s ALL in the Stars!

Loounnnggeeee!!! Ever wonder where #mediumship and #astrology meet? Well now is your chance to take a deeper look!!!

It’s rare to find a guest that is BOTH an astrologer AND a #psychicmedium!!! But on #TheLounge you just don’t ever know what you will find!

Enter special guest, Katie Sweetman of Empowering Astrology!!!

In her own words, “I’m an astrologer and psychic medium in New York. I have a holistic approach to astrology, a view that’s been shaped not only by working with clients over the last ten years, but my own personal experiences with astrology.”

Katie will be discussing the following topics!!! Get ready with your questions and see how it all relates to you!

* How to use astrology as a tool for transformation instead of a fate
* Astrology is 50%, we are the other 50%
* The birth chart is our map
* What is 2021’s astrology asking of us?
* How Katie’s psychic mediumship complements her astrology services!

Grab your cheese, grab your crackers, take a seat and let’s get to it!!!

You know what we say, be there or WHAT? Yep, no square.

Take this retrograde-y week and sit back, relax, sip your drinks and twinkle some tangle on your cozy couch!!

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See ya inside!

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