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🎙️Lounnggeee!! It’s about that time! This Friday we are bringing you the ‘Gift Of Past Lives!” You’ve been writing in and asking for a show on past lives, and we’re not only bringing you ONE but “29” lol! Keep reading below and you’ll see what I mean!

Excited for the show? I bet you are! So relax, put your feet up, pull out that popcorn and reclinnnneee! This Friday, we are going to be talking about past lives!

I am pretty sure that you are all very familiar with past lives along with the karmic energy too. But did you know that we have actually a total of twenty-nine past lives? And that there’s a way for us to get off the karmic wheel?

Meet David and Carla of “The Gift Of Past Lives”!

Dr. David Bettenhausen and his former office manager, Carla Bogni-Kidd had a spiritual experience leading them to discover twenty-nine past lives together. They now share the message, ” Love is always the answer.”

Things you will learn from this show:
1) Soul groups and why we return with them
2) The Five Simple Rules for living and how to get off the karmic wheel.
3) What can we learn from past lives?
4) Can you heal current life problems by learning about your past lives?
5) What is the purpose of coming to Earth?

AND, as we always say, BE THERE or BE SQUARE. Plain and simple.

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