#TheLounge with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ New Year New You!


#LoungeFriends​!!! It’s been a while since we have all gotten together for some #hygge​, #laughs​ and great interviews! HAPPY 2021! Are you feeling all the shifts so far? I’m sure you thought that it would all be ‘smooth sailin’ into the #5d​, but I’m sure you’re hitting some turbulence.

How are you managing? Not too well? Happy? Well we have a special guest to help us make sense of ALL THE NEW ENERGY. I cannot wait to have Certified Astrologer & Relationship/Love Coach @sonjafrancis on the show THIS FRIDAY!

She will be discussing some major astrological aspects and what to expect in 2021 including the #Eclipses​ and how they relate to all of your transitions!

And of course you don’t ever know who will pop up as our #LoungeBuddy​ of the week, or what type of #livemusic​ may be on the horizon.

Gotta keep a little mystery.

Our lovely medium extraordinaire, Elise Sattilarrrrooooooo (as I say it) will be back to co-host the show (with or without the perfect Christmas tree background…we shall see.)

Be there. And don’t…ever…be square.

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