[#TheLounge​] with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ Real Mediums vs. Frauds

Lounnngeeee…wait until you see who we have in #TheLounge​ this Friday evening. So many of you are interested in mediumship and psychic ability, but how often are you looking at the technical aspects of what a ‘evidential’ mediumship session should contain?

Evidential is a term used by mediums to share that they provide ‘clear evidence’ that they are really communicating with that loved one. This evidence may include the person’s personality in life, how they passed, little details the medium wouldn’t possibly know, or events that recently happened where the person was alone. Other details would include names, medical details, and even aspects of the person’s personality that the medium may take on.

One of Marisa’s most popular blog post on this topic can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/3bWJpcJ

Enter Bob Ginsberg, Author of ‘The Medium Explosion’ with appearances on the current Netflix documentary series, “Surviving Death.”

According to Ginsberg, “The Majority of Mediums Cannot Do What They Claim. The Issue Is How to Identify Those Who Truly Have Such Ability.”

The Medium Explosion: A Guide to Navigating the World of Those Who Claim to Communicate with the Dead, provides a guide for all those who have either sat with a medium, intend to do so, or are simply curious about what happens when they die. The book educates the public on such things as what to expect, how to evaluate the information provided, how mediums operate, and the nature of grief. The author also includes commentary on other evidence for life after death and includes personal accounts that are backed up by research.

We are super excited to ‘talk shop’ with Bob, and see how he feels hangin’ out with our big (and not so serious) personalities on #TheLounge​!

But we all know that we are pretty serious about ‘real’ mediumship!

Can’t wait to hear what our lovely Medium co-host Elise thinks about this topic!

Loungeeee… you are in for a treat!

If you’re not there…you will definitely be classified as SQUARE!

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