[#TheLounge] with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ Supercharge Your Career!!!

Get that #spark 🌟 going for your #biz !!! Join us tomorrow night on #TheLounge as we welcome #Intuitive Biz Mystic Shivany Gonell @shivanyma!!!

Want to know how using an intuitive guide can supercharge your career? Come join us for some twinkle and tango tomorrow night as we talk shop and boogie down!

Speaking of the #Boogiest, where would the night be without the high energy of some mussssacccckkk by @aprilmaeandthejunebugs !!!

Take this retrograde-y week and sit back, relax, sip your drinks and twinkle some tangle on your cozy couch!!

Loving the weekly energy forecasts and want to get Marisa’s exclusive Monthly Energy Forecast?

Sign up before June 15th here: https://linkfol.io/marisapell

See ya inside!

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