#TheLounge with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ We Are The World!

Hellllooo Loungenites!!! This week we are going to really get the lowdown on how important *personal transformation* is within our collective consciousness. Yes, the world is in transformation. She is shedding her old ways, making room for the new to bloom in Spring. And so are YOU!

While mid Winter could be especially isolating and for some a very sad and idle time, it can also be a prime time to start planning what the ‘new you’ has in store for Spring!

Enter Kristi Duarte, Spiritual Channel & Author. Kristi Saare Duarte is an award-winning author of universal spiritual fiction that aims to inspire and highlight the similarities of all religions. She has visited 79 countries and studied a myriad of the world’s religions. She believes that all religions weave a common thread and connect us all.

Join Us!!! Who knows what other guests the universe will bring.

Be there and bring your squares!

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