#TheLounge with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ Where Are They Now?

Loungenites!!! Our lovely Mercury Retrograde is at hand and what better way to celebrate the planet in “apparent reverse motion” then traveling a little back in time! Over the course of the past year, we had many amazing guests who have traveled their own paths LIVE on the show!

They have shared with us their own personal struggles, they have gotten advice from our experts and they had planned to transcend to new heights in 2021! So, as with our favorite celebs from the 80’s, we often wonder, “Where are they nooooowwwww?”

Enter Jason Snyder, who was really the pivotal point in the development of #TheLounge​ and bringing guests on LIVE. Podcast Host and Creator of “The Firelands Podcast”, Jason has some amazing stories of the Nation’s most spirited locals. With his experience in Paranormal Investigation, we are sure to hear some interesting stories of the past…and beyond. And of course, we have our #LoungeBuddies​.

Who will show up tonight and update us on their love life? Who knows!!! Remember: The Lounge is the only show that books itself!!! So, get on the ride and get ready! You may be up for some serious entertainment tonight.

Our lovely MEDIUM extraordinaire, Elise Sattilaro, will be shuffling her deck and we are not sure “what’s in the cards.” Join us and tell your spooky tale!!! Be there and don’t be square…not now. Not ever.

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