[#TheLounge​] with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ YOUR PERSONAL YEAR FORECAST 2021

Lounnnggggeee! Looking forward to yet another Friday night on the town! Grab your cheese, fan out those crackers and get ready for a show where everyone will get a little glimpse into themselves!

Many moons ago, on #IntuidateRadio​ we had numerology expert as a guest @karisamuels on the show! Synchronicities reconnected us and we are proud to announce that Intuitive Consultant and Happiness Coach Kari will be back to talk to us on #TheLounge​ about Your Personal Year Forecast in 2021!

During the show, everyone will be able to calculate their Personal Year number and listen to Kari’s insights for each personal year number!!!

As Kari puts it, “My intention for you is that you stop playing small so you can dream big and live large. You can experience TRUE happiness. You can wake up every morning feeling excited because you are enjoying a life of freedom, experiencing a soulful connection with the divine, and expressing your life’s purpose. Yes, you can have an incredible life. I’d love to show you how.”

Of course with #TheLounge​ you don’t ever know who’s going to show up and what surprises are in store!

This is a show you must not miss!

Join us! Be there or be square!

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