Ok folks!!! Well we do have a speedy week ahead. How it goes for you ENTIRELY depends on how you handle the energies. Jump on today’s webcast and learn how you can use the energies for your best outcomes! OH…and we have a special announcement here at #ConnectionBeyond​! See you inside!

In this episode, we explore some of the changes that have taken place since the presidential election, and we review some of the channelled insights that came through from the episode of #TheOffice on Election Day.

Marisa discusses the pre-destined period of events in the last several years and the period of free will that is coming to paint our life canvases as we see fit in the #5d dimension of consciousness.

Also, we have just entered a period of heightened energy following the New Moon, and it’s important that we know what to purge! Listen in to understand how to handle that change!

Tune in now to see what this week has in store!

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