🌿 Tuesday Thoughts: Be Intentional With What You Speak 🌳

🌿 Tuesday Thoughts: Be Intentional WIth What You Speak 🍃

Last week, I sent out a newsletter/blog post on the quickest way to start raising your vibration and align your path closer to purpose and higher intention living – ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!
You can view that post here, if you haven’t yet read it.
In the last blog, I mentioned how this intentionality is POWERFUL and how we CAN control a few things in our life – which then gets us closer to creating more clear space for ourselves. We want to set aside this space to create and evolve and UPLEVEL – so we CAN step into the things we desire most.
Last week’s focus was on becoming intentional on the content you consume. We can’t control what the media puts out there, what’s on the news or what people post on social media.
But we can control what energy we LET IN by shutting these things down, clicking off a channel, and unfollowing people that aren’t aligned with where we want to be.
NOW, just as important as limiting what we are taking in OR RECEIVING, we have to think about the energy we are SPEAKING and PUTTING OUT TO THE WORLD, and how that can affect the world around us.
Speaking intentionally is VERY POWERFUL. This is the case in your own manifesting journey, and also magnetizing people to you that are aligned with where you want to be.
Here’s this week’s story. I had some time to do something I enjoyed over the weekend (which usually has to do with home design 😀) and it was truly a nice day. Usually when I’m more in a connected space (and not in a fight/flight mode), I’m naturally drawn to putting time toward taking care of myself, my priorities and what matters most.
Plus, I was looking to enjoy my time out! It’s nice to see people that I know to create some connection – whether they are friends, or people I’ve just met a few times.
Creating even small moments of connection & engagement can really boost your energy more into a state of more connection. It helps us get out of ourselves.
While I was walking around looking at pretty things, I saw a lady I haven’t seen in a while that I met only a few times – through friends. I was excited to say hello and exchange some pleasantries.
When I did say hello, she looked a me like she knew me from somewhere but wasn’t sure where. I reminded her where we met, and asked how she was doing. Immediately, and without a beat, she started venting about all the horrible things that have happened in her life in the past few months.
When she was finished venting, and I acknowledged that I was sorry she had gone through all of that – she just walked away.
☀️ Let’s look at this for a moment. 👉 I didn’t give ‘permission energetically’ to be in this space. However, sometimes people don’t have the appropriate understanding of making sure that someone has the time, energy or space to hear, reflect and listen to what they have to say IN THAT MOMENT.
So it was up to me to assess the situation, and politely excuse myself.
However, I didn’t have to.
I can say that many people (for no fault of their own) have little awareness of how they are projecting their energy outward in this regard. However, they wonder why they are magnetizing chaos, and not abundance and peace.
Another thing to note: I wasn’t a close friend of this woman. She met me a few times for a few minutes.
I can tell you that not only was I left with energy in my field that wasn’t entirely pleasant, it took a little bit to get back to the space I was in. Secondly, I will avoid communication with this person moving forward – or at least be very mindful of my energy if we connect again.
☝️ Think about it. If the exchange was intentional and pleasant, and RECIPROCAL, there might have been a possibility for both of us to gain some positivity from the experience. And perhaps, create a connection.
Her energy ended up repelling the positive connection and interaction – thereby remaining out of alignment.
I’m not saying to not be honest about where you’re at, but unleashing details immediately about everything that is wrong and going wrong, is VERY POWERFUL. It puts that energy out into the universe – and it starts magnetizing the same energy towards it.
Now, how could this be different? She could have said, “Nice to see you! To be honest, the last few months have been challenging- but they’re better now. HOW ABOUT YOU?”
Now, I can invite her to tell me more if I had the energy, capacity and true desire to do so, or I could be mindful and assess my own energy, and provide some compassion and keep it light – adding “I’m sorry to hear that. It must have been tough, but glad to hear things are on the up! I’m doing great, thanks for asking!”
Then that exchange would set us up to connect another time in a positive way.
We can disclose deeply to our mentors, therapists, family and friends in a private way – at the appropriate times.
But when we’re posting these things on social media, commenting on drama, or going into detail without intentionality, and putting energy into the universe about how horrible things are – the subconscious takes note of this and the boomerang of energy returns.
Remember to be intentional about what you RECEIVE and take in. AND, be mindful about what you are SENDING out into the universe, either digitally or with others in the world around you.
Be mindful of your own energy when listening to others, and your capacity to hold it all in that space and time. And also consider how what you are putting out to others can energetically affect them (unintentionally).
These are TWO keys 🔑 you can honor for yourself RIGHT now that will change the energetic imprint of your pathway INSTANTLY, and start moving you forward into the right space.
If you want to generate MOMENTUM almost immediately, this is the way to go!
Your glimmers are there, it’s time to look for them in your daily life! 🏆
There’s a difference between profit and purpose!

To find your glimmers, just go about your life this week and notice what lights you up! There are clues everywhere!

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Have a great week!

– Marisa

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