May Inspirational Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

May Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell
So many decisions coming up for you! You are being asked now to make decisions for your WELLBEING and not for any other practical reasons. In fact, practical reasons will seem to fail you right now every time.
For instance, you may be offered a job where you make three times the money, but the job will be more of a commute and will take time away from your sanity and family. You may reason that this increase in salary would be great for a providing factor for the family, so you are considering it. However, in the last year you may have been so stressed that adding more pressure could affect your health. You have been thinking of tailoring your life for LESS STRESS, not more. So what would you choose in this situation?
I think most of you at another point would justify the job with 3X the amount of pay. At another time and another place, this may have been the right move. However, right now the focus is FULLY on health and wellbeing and to bring the physical body into balance so you have better QUALITY of life, not QUANTITY.
The universe is asking you, “What truly matters to you?” This is the focus that you must keep and hold true to. Yes, it is always important to provide for family and pay the bills. However, what is the cost? If you will still be able to meet your requirements and have less stress, the answers are there.
Now on to the matter of what FUELS you. What is your passion? Perhaps doing what you love and what is in accordance with your highest purpose on this Earth may not be the “money maker” right now. You may worry that if you pursue this path the money won’t come in. You may put it off as a dream maybe for another time…or maybe you’ll procrastinate for good.
At this time, creative endeavors are the ones that will peak and take off. When I say creative, some people think they have to be an ‘artist’ to be included. This is not the case. In fact, your creative endeavors could be in the form of new business ideas or creative solutions. Anything outside the box is favored now.
Maybe these are the areas that people guard you to stay away from. This is fear on the part of others because perhaps they don’t have the courage to take the risks that you do. Stay true to yourself and remember what is in your heart. Going with your head and reason is favorable in many circumstances. However, right now the energies are favoring creative pursuits and endeavors.
Most likely, what has been on your mind the longest and what you have been putting off to handle your day to day life responsibilities is exactly what you now need to pursue. You may have to work with less to get the ball rolling and people in your life will have to understand that they can’t make as many demands on your time. However, the true friends and family will understand and support your life’s work and the decisions to pursue these dreams and endeavors.
You have to really tune in and seek your own purpose. No one can really tell you what that is or what to do with it. You have choices in life to stay safe or to take risks and there are always times if things don’t work to go another way. Neither path is wrong or right. But you will know that your path is on purpose by how you feel pursuing it. If it give you LIFE and ENERGY, you are on the right road.
If it’s draining, you may have to take up some new directions. Remember your purpose has been with you since the day you were born. Are you following it, or are there excuses?
Getting too many opinions may result in more confusion. Sometimes it may be best to take some of these steps within your own energy so that the process could be pure!
Take these steps without delay and you will have much to celebrate by the end of MAY!!!
All my best for a lovely SPRING!
Mini Messages For May 
Trudy : Not sure if this is a first name or nickname. I’m hearing that there are ‘congratulations’ in order! There is a HUGE celebration coming and all your friends and relatives on the other side will be there!
Midge or Mitch: This is the name of someone on the other side. He is telling me he passed of fluid constriction and his leg was not functional. He is mentioning a Mike or Michael in the living and is issuing caution around him saying that he MUST improve his diet for his heart health. He has choices now to reverse the timeline. Please tell him not to wait until ‘next week’, or ‘when the summer comes’. The time is now!
Buddy: Is this a dog? I keep seeing a woman with a small dog with a green collar and a bell??!! For some reason when this dog would “prance” around the kitchen you would hear ringing sounds. Also I feel the dog is a yorkie mix, but not a full breed. The woman coming through with his has a patch on her eye as if she had eye surgery before she passed. They are waving hello from the other side!
Greta: This is such an old school name! Maybel is also a name that is coming through. These two ladies are telling me they are having fun up there playing cards and bingo!!! The one lady loved making small hats for kids with large yarn. They are mentioning a Debbie in the living and a possible health concern. They are saying it’s going to be alright, just do what youneed to do!!!
Last name Greene with an E. This is a family name and you have ancestors that are coming through from many generations back. Have you just started looking into your family tree or genealogy? They are saying that you have some incorrect SPELLINGS. Check again and try another time, you’d be surprised what comes up and what you might find!!! The lady coming through is showing me a cross-stitched heart that was left unfinished on the template that someone still has. They cherish this and she is very happy!
That’s all for this month!!!
All my best!
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