3/15/20: World Inspirational Message ~ Entering The CROWN era of Higher Consciousness

So many people have been asking me ~ What do I think about what is going on right now in the world?

I do have a lot of thoughts about it, but I can assure you they are not conventional – in any sense of the word.

I look at things that happen in and around us “energetically” first and then as a whole “spiritually”. First, we are due. The price must be paid. The planet cannot be used for our selfish means any longer. We must unite to move into the new level of consciousness that awaits us. And this, while extreme, requires a housecleaning. 

As children, our parents may let us go and be independent for a while — until they see us getting hurt. At which point, they step in and put down a hard gavel. Not for the sake of controlling us, but for the sake of PREVENTING something more serious in the future. 

God, or whomever you believe in, has started to see His children getting hurt. He is putting down the gavel and putting a stop to things so we can finally slow down and make some informed decisions about our future and the future of our home, Planet Earth. She has become used and abused. A stop is being put to it before it’s too late.

Once things have settled down, and they inevitably will, you will then be seeing an uproar of debates wondering if it was all worth it. This will primarily be seen in the world financial sector. There will be a lot of blame put on various political figures, institutions and media for the the crashes and shutdowns in which the world pocketbook is affected. 

You see though, that’s the point. Mankind, as we know it, has become secondary to greed, selfishness and prone to thinking in terms of lower frequencies. The dark has truly had the upper hand.

This is in many cases spiritual, and does consist of “spirits” in a sense. The “crown”, as it is named for, is congruent with our crown chakras and higher attunement. In a sense, it is making us aware of this higher power. It is showing us that this true power is higher than any earthly forms of false power. Every form of earthly material power is being “shut down”. Did you ever think something so small could have such a big effect?

There is power outside of us that is in control, and it is challenging those who are thinking on base levels. Material power is not above it. It is forcing us to STOP, look inside and be with our loved ones. 

Is all of this necessary? I believe so. Because I think we will need this experience. This is as a “fire drill” so to speak. We are being prepared for what is to come in our future. We must have this practice. The unification of all nations and powers must cooperate. There now is a system and thankfully, this system is being put into place. 

We need to be ready for drastic change. And, this HAS to start on an individual level. Just as you are seeing something so widespread, the positive changes YOU make can affect 10-100 other people as well. 
This is showing not only our country, but our world, where we stand. And we must stand united to make the change toward peace. We must be unified.

This is not a SINGLE world event. We have the aspect of climate change, of protecting our precious wildlife and ending wars on addiction and suicide. We must seek our own spiritual transformation and that of our planet. This is our FREE WILL. And it starts with you. Don’t think you are above making these changes.

Open your CROWN and start to channel your purpose and why you’re here. Spend time with your family. Write, journal and seek your purpose. Help others and reach out via a TELEPHONE call. CONNECT as humans, as spiritual beings and through the heart. 

This is not over. The changes have only begun in this initial period of CROWN transformation. This beginning has been rocky for sure, and appeared on the scene during a Mercury Retrograde cycle and a Virgo full moon. 

The Virgo moon exposed these truths in a very harsh manner in the midst of sudden upheaval and miscommunication. We have ridden the media wave of all of these mixed messages over the the last few weeks. This week, information will start to become more streamlined, but there will be backlash around why it was all so confusing in the first place. And specifically, why it took so long to reach everyone.

Those astronomical aspects could not have been changed. But please know, and be aware, that you must follow protocol now and go within. We are in the midst of solitude but also within a great period of SINCERE communication among all of us. 

Community will make a return in the next three years and the importance of family and family time. Our world issues will be on the forefront, as they are no longer light years away. They will no longer be able to be ignored. 
This is a practice run. Do it well. We HAVE to be united as a human race to make it count as we move forward into the new reality. We are raising consciousness.

YOU (yes, you) are such an important part of how history is being made! Make an impact. Inspire others. Be part of the team that is taking humanity to the next level. 

Be at peace, and temper the tendency toward fear. Stay aligned in a positive thought mindset, and raise your individual vibration. We are all instruments, and if tuned, will make beautiful music moving into our future. 

Be well! 


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