A Birthday Gift From The Other Side: Part II

A Birthday Gift From The Other Side: PART II

May 27th, 2010

 If you haven’t read PART I of “A Birthday Gift From The Other Side”, please do so first as it provides the basis for this amazing validation!

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If you have already read part one about the Roses sent from the other side on my mom’s birthday, awesome! Sometimes, even these amazing validations surprise me! After I wrote the blog, I didn’t expect that there would be anything more surprising news that day! However, the next day, I received another phone call from my mother.

She said, “You won’t believe this! At around 9PM, my brother called from NJ (my uncle) and asked me if I received the roses today! I didn’t receive any flowers from him, but did relay that I did receive flowers.” On the other end of the phone, my uncle calmly explained that the flowers weren’t supposed to be from him. My mother got very confused and asked him what he meant. What came next made me silent!

He said that he was in church that morning, and prayed to St. Therese to have someone send my mother flowers (roses) for her birthday! He had complete faith that this would happen, and knew nothing about my story. Once she told him what happened, he was amazed but not surprised!

She asked him what time this happened, “Between 8:30am and 9″ he said!

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