April 2008 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

April 2008 Inspirational Message From Marisa Pell

May 5th, 2008



Can you say absent-minded? Wow, I can’t believe the energy this month. Not only is the energy in slow motion, but our minds seem to be in the opposite energy of racing thinking! Don’t worry though, this beautiful weather is bound to continue, and who can’t be cheerful with the natural light, sunshine and blooming flowers?

You may feel like you want to rush into your next phase of life — whether this be a new career move, relationship, or health regimen. You may also feel impatient because nothing is really manifesting. You want to enjoy the slow moving energy, meditate in the new sunshine, but perhaps you feel guilty because the money isn’t rolling in right now. Your inner voice wants you to worry, and to find a solution immediately! So you rush around aimlessly just to ease the guilt of doing nothing and enjoying life. We have been conditioned, haven’t we? At least if we make ourselves crazy, we can at least say we tried — right?

Stop right there! I would like to remind you of the joys of spring and the symbols that come with it. We can’t force the flower to bloom when we want it to, nor can we force it’s petals open. It blooms in it’s own time, and the universe is fully in control of this process. If you are part of the universe and it’s natural processes, then you are connected to this unfolding process. However, you were born a human with free will to go with the universal flow or against it. What would happen if you took a beautiful rose and ripped it’s petals open? Not a pretty sight. Part of the beauty is watching the petals unfold and enjoying each part of the process.

It’s time to tend to your inner garden. Feed and nourish yourself with organic produce and pure water. Go outside and take a deep breath, and allow all of the Earth’s elements to cleanse you. Trust that opportunity will hatch at just the right time! Enjoy the slow moving energy before things speed up again!

All my best!

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