April 2017 Inspirational Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

April 2017 Inspirational Message
From Medium Marisa Liza Pell
Well, the energy is indeed moving ahead!!! Just be careful not to get caught up in the erratic nature of the “winds of change“. So many of you will get ramped up about the actual movement that you will not be able to discern where you need to be cautious and where take a pause before moving ahead.
Right now, nothing is as it seems. Be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket, or trust someone that may be dangling a golden carrot. Your mind will be going a mile a minute, and your impulses are moving at a much faster rate! It will be a time where a lot of people may make wrong moves due to ego and greed.
Right now is a testing time. Things will move very fast, so it is important for you to stay centered and stay TRUE.
What is TRUE for you? What is TRUE for you now is that is you have been WAITING SO LONG for the winds of change! Don’t be fooled by movement thinking it’s right. You will regret your steps later on. These winds are wild, erratic and will move you far, but may also slam you down. If you are not remaining true, you can get caught up in the whirlwind without being grounded.
When I say, “are you being true”, what do I actually mean? Your truth now may be different than it was five years ago. It may be different than it was three weeks ago. What I am referring to is your true compass that is within you when it comes to morals, values and ethics. What is it that you hold high? Would you be compromising your own values to get something you really want? Are you justifying that just this time it’s ok because it helps in manifesting your desires?
If I say ONE thing right now, it is DO NOT COMPROMISE what you believe to be TRUE. You must only go in the direction of what is right, even if that means you may not have what you want right away. There will be those in droves acting on their impulses right now, and it may seem very obvious to you that you need to do the same. Why should you hold yourself back now? You may THINK you need to seize every opportunity because of the movement it will bring.
I know this month’s message may have an strange cautionary tone to it compared to the usual Dr. Feelgood vibe. And you would be right. I want to impress on those of you that have intuitive abilities, those that are sensitive, and some of you that feel you deserve to seize what’s coming. Please be aware that you will indeed see the truth should you take a step back and pause.
Let’s say those winds don’t look so great, and you are being bumped around! This isn’t something lasting. Pause and the winds will take their turn. Everything is fleeting right now and will be for days to come. False promises will indeed be very real. Commitments are fleeting. Remember that both the good and the bad will change.
Right now so many people are frustrated that things have been on hold and in limbo without much “happening”. If you think about the past three months of your life, a LOT has happened. Internal changes. There may not have been much movement on the external, but changes have been happening in your body, mind and spirit. And those of you who have committed to feeling and dealing with those upheavals will soon be rewarded. Those who blocked this work may be more susceptible to the temptations that surround them now because the mind is as erratic as the winds.
Remember, if you remain just, humble and pause, you will see that these winds will pass as quickly as they came. Those who are not in this space will look back and wonder how they created such a mess in such a short period of time. Once the silence hits, and it will, everyone will “come to”. Let’s make your “coming to” a happy and momentous one. As a reminder, nothing is as it seems. Someone who you may dislike may prove to be your most loyal ally. Conversely, there may be someone who’s light proves to be dark.
Try not to think too hard through this experience that may resemble an old carnival mirrored funhouse. It’s best to not engage, as it will just bring more confusion. Asking questions, trying to figure out answers, and analyzing the facts will only be a constant maze. Temper that need. Let everything be erratic. Right now it is the only constant.
Some of you reading this may not get the high that you normally do from reading my messages. They are usually motivational and upbeat. Here is a true example of what I mean. You may not like this message, and you may feel down, but it might be the one thing that pulls you through this and may help you avoid any additional chaos. So it may be the BEST thing you hear. And it may just be the one thing that sticks with you and brings you out on the other side smiling…
What’s best may not always be what feels good.
Ok, now on to the MINI MESSAGES!
All my best,


April 2017 Mini Messages
Let’s See Who Comes Through!
Alice: This is a woman on the other side who want to make it clear that she is happy and has made it to the “field of flowers”. This is something in life she would always talk about to her family and friends. The name or reference to Moses also is coming through. This could be a first or last name or it could be a reference to the biblical Moses. There is also an Ant or Anthony connection, living or passed. She is also mentioning and inscribed bracelet that a daughter or young woman has. This could possibly be her granddaughter.
Art/Artie/Arthur: This name is definitely of someone who passed. He collected paintings or was an artist himself. He had a devoted partner most of his life. He suffered with an illness and he didn’t have much use of his left foot. He loved antiques and going antique shopping. The month of May was very important to him. The last name KIM in all caps is also coming through. I feel he wants you to be aware of this name in business. He wants you to be cautious and make sure you dot all your i’s and cross your t’s with any negotiations or contracts at this time.
Ethel: This is the name of someone who passed. She is also mentioning that there is a Ruth or Ruthie on the other side and mentioning a Sammie. She is mentioning something about checking your garage doors as one needs to be serviced, and mentioning that someone still has some of her clothes. It’s ok to get rid of them now as she is saying that back in the day they were worth something, but now they have gotten worn from sitting so long. She was very into her clothes and appearance while on the earth plane and is mentioning her bright red high heels that she loved to wear and show off. She was also a fan of pearls and many strands of them not just one.
Stryker: This I think is a LAST name and a family name. This name sounds like how it is spelled but I’m not sure if I spelled it right. The while family is here nad is coming through! They are saying they are sending a BABY GIRL down to the earth plane and you ALREADY know about her. They are cheering and saying it’s all good and that she will actually be a very big and chubby little baby!!! Could she be close to 9-10 pounds???!!! We will see ! They cannot wait until another “Stryker” comes into the family. They are yelling WELCOME!!!
Millie: Millie is coming through saying she’s as “good as gold!” This was an endearing term she used a lot. She is referencing the “girls” or the Golden Girls and is saying that her and her two sisters were very much like them. She is also mentioning a chocolate factory that they all used to visit and get their yearly assorted “STASH” boxes there AFTER ALL THE HOLIDAYS. They would get tons of boxes after Christmas and Easter at a discount and freeze them most of the year. (I am sitting here laughing at what they are saying!). All these ladies are a trip!!! Millie is finally together with her sisters and she is waving goodbye to everyone on the BIG STEAM ENGINE BOAT she is on!!!
That’s all for this month!!!
Stay tuned for May!
Lots of light and fun energy,
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