April 2018 Inspirational & Mini Messages


I know it’s the END of the month, but it’s still time for an APRIL MESSAGE! This month has had its share of ups and downs! Just look at the weather patterns! We also had Mercury leaving retrograde station and turning direct, so some of your projects should be moving forward. However, this forward movement hasn’t been without a load of hiccups!

As we proceed into May, we are coming out of a less erratic energy and into a more peaceful setting. You may feel more connected to life, to the universe and feeling the need to spend quality time with family and friends. You need to refresh and renew your energy, and I bet some of you won’t mind taking some much needed days off!

For the last several months, the energy has been so up and down that it drove a lot of you nuts! If I told you to take some time for yourself and slow down then, you probably wouldn’t have listened! Now you’re just plain exhausted. You have hit your limit. I don’t think you need ANY convincing from me! I see less work for May, more flow, and more time to be present.

Guilt will not play a part in this either. Usually you will say, “there’s no time to take care of ME”. However, the universe had you on such a LOOP for the past several months that you are finally ready to get off the ride! And I don’t blame you.

If you are super intuitive, now is the time to take a trip around water ~ and the BLUER the BETTER! Salt and water will cleanse and revive your energy field. Even a nice lake trip will do, but be careful not to be around too much stagnant water. If you are at a lake, you want to make sure you have enough activity taking place by people on the water. A lot of trees, a nice breeze and some greenery will suffice. Balance is key.

The end of April is the time of new beginnings. You are looking for a feeling of home, where you can rest your feet and hang your hat. You are moving towards that from now until June!

This month brings many BLESSINGS!

All the best in LIGHT ENERGY!


April Mini Messages From The Other Side
Connections Channeled From Spirit

Lawrence: Something is either telling me the NAME Lawrence or a reference to Lawrence Welk. This may have been someone’s favorite TV show to where they didn’t miss an episode! If the name is Lawrence, I don’t feel someone in the living, but someone past. There is also the name Gracie, or Gracie connected to this spirit. They are telling me you definitely put on the right shoes for their service. I see crocodile black shoes? Not sure what this means. But this man LOVED his shoes and they were expensive. He is correcting me and telling me they were leather and shiny.

Millie/Mildred: I am also getting the name “Rutherford” and/or something that sounds like this. Millie is a bit “down and out”. This is a phrase she used a lot! She is sad for someone living because the are struggling over which direction to turn. She is saying she is waiting for a “sign”, but so many signs have already been given! She is sending that signs come in the form of advice and chance meetings from old friends, family and even work associates. She is saying “pay attention!” You are getting the answers!

Rich/Richie/Richard: He is happy on the other side and wants to extend love to those around him that supported him in his journey. He is mentioning Andy, Steve and Kurt. He is also mentioning someone he considered like a brother, but wasn’t his actual biological brother. They were raised together. He is showing me oranges, which sometimes means the sunshine state, or Florida.

Molly: This is a message for someone named Molly who is a go getter here! All of your family and friends on the other side are CELEBRATING!!! Yoo Yoo, you have made it!! “Time to go on a fun cruise to the Bahamas” they are saying! They wanted me to put that into italics, because a lot of them over here didn’t travel much, so all they know is the word BAHAMA. But you can choose wherever you’d love to go! They are laughing at themselves 🙂

George: This is NOT a person. It’s a bulldog named George! Two spirits were fighting to get my attention, one was Steve and then this other guy Bob pushed through and brought the bulldog George with him! He wants to let someone know he has “Georgie” and that’s he’s OK! Wow! What a demanding guy LOL!

Thank you for “tuning in” to the mini messages for April! See you in May!!!




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