April Inspirational and Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

April Inspirational Message & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Well here we are and it’s SPRING already!! Finally the snow has stalled and the sun is coming out. Have you noticed quite an excessive housecleaning over the past month? Well, you’re not alone. There have been quite a lot of people who are tying up “loose ends” in many areas of life. Some of these situations may not be the most comfortable, but you are making your way through the forest and not stopping to assess every tree. You are becoming lighter from making some necessary changes to release some heavy energy around you.
Some of these situations may have fallen away at their own weight and some of them may have taken some careful time and consideration. But whatever the case, you may have noticed that you were ready this month to let go of some necessary people, places and things that were no longer in line with your current energy. Whatever has been holding you up from making these decisions is now moving forward at lightening speed! You are finally ready to make some major moved forward and achieve some BIG goals in whatever area of life you considered slow, even IF it was over the past five years or more.
Some of this movement may happen very quickly, so it you were used to slow movement over the past several years, you may not be tuned in to how to deal with the current PUSH forward (or should I say PROPEL)! It may create a rush, and some anxiety about how to get it all “together” on a practical level. If you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed over the past week, it’s imperative that you PAUSE and do some self care immediately. I like to recommend massage, and/or a day just by yourself to do the things that make you happy.
You may say you don’t have time, or that doing so is just not “in the cards”, but I could tell you that if you push forward on adrenaline, anxiety will continue to come forward through your actions and it won’t benefit your energy or anyone else’s you come in contact with. So, take it or leave it, but I would recommend taking ONE day or even a half day to yourself. No phone. No work. Treat yourself to a nice day. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed and it will make for steady progress moving forward. Plus other people will enjoy being around your calmer energy!! It’s well worth the time out. Think of it as a re-calibration.
Some of you may feel like taking some time off, or planning a getaway. This is a wonderful time to consider those plans. You may want to ACTUALLY PLAN, because as we head into mid April, things will move even quicker and you’ll just have to stay focused on what is directly in front of you! Good luck and God Speed my dear Watsons. (Is that even a phrase??) I expect RESULTS and HAPPY NEWS!!!
All my best for the upcoming Spring months!
Mini Messages For April
These are messages from spirit or from those on the other side that are channeled as I write. They are for whoever reads them and resonates with them!
Steven/Steve: You are right at the pinnacle of a major breakthrough. Do not stop now. You got this!! Sometimes it’s hard because of your past experience, but THIS TIME it’s going to work. Keep the faith and keep moving forward!!
Dawn: Your grandmother is coming through from the other side showing me a pink baby rattle. Either this was a family heirloom OR a someone close to you (or YOU) may be welcoming a baby girl. There is some major celebration around the Easter holiday this year. Those on the other side are saying CONGRATS and are very excited for you in celebration!!
Peter/Pete: Something may be going on with an in-law. Your father on the other side is coming in and he wants to you to PATIENT. Waters are going to be rough for 3-4 months and you may struggle with trying to figure out how it’s all going to work. Take some time to meditate and clear your energy. You are taking on TOO MANY of OTHER people’s problems and concerns. It’s not selfish to focus on yourself when it comes to clearing your energy and staying present.
Richard/Dick: This is a name from the other side. This person is coming through worried about someone close to him in the living who is getting a lot of testing done. This could be his wife. Even though things are tough right now, he is by your side, and asking you to trust that he is there. Many people are shooting up prayers and they are being heard! You are a fighter and you are strong. And the light is definitely surrounding and sending you healing energy. The word GRACE or name Grace is coming through connected to either someone else on the other side or in the living. This female presence keeps showing me lots of dish sponges and was kind of a “clean freak”. I see the rubber gloves too. Everything had to be SANITIZED. And she wanted me to write that in all CAPS!! They are rooting for you and the family and are being very supportive! They send much love from the other side.
Tony/Tommy or BOTH names could be connected. If you are thinking of starting a family owned business, OR if you are in business for yourself and things are slow, those on the other side are asking you to push forward and “don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle!!” Keep at it, and make the changes necessary in business to make it work. They are saying you have to change with the times and for some reason you don’t like change. You feel this is the way it has been for 50+ years and it worked, why change now? Well, they are saying you MUST. Because times are a changin’!!!
Rita – Your husband’s mother is coming through from the other side and saying Happy Birthday to someone in the living, She wishes she were here to celebrate with everyone. She is sad she had to go, but she wants you to know she is still making her “transition” to the other side. She wishes everyone well. She is a very polite woman with strict manners. She is also signifying pearls, a set, necklace and earrings that were significant to her. She is coming through with them on.
Donna – Keep at it girl!! You are doing great! Your grandfather wants you to know he believes in you but you MUST listen to what he is telling you and what your friends and family tell you. That is, if you want happy results!!
Debbie – A baby girl wants to come in from the other side! She has been patient and wants to come in!! It’s time to get her to the Earth Plane! You both have things to experience and do!! Early congrats to you and baby girl!!!
Ok, and there it is!! I hope you all enjoyed this month’s messages and please let me know if you receive one!! I always like to hear your stories!!
Happy Spring!
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