April Inspirational Message and Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Ok so the see-saw of life is beginning to come to an end, and this means DECISION time. At this point, a lot of decisions you been pondering and uncertain about for the past three years are going to be making themselves VERY CLEAR to you.
A lot of you have been asking, “Should I go THIS WAY or THAT WAY??” for quite some time! And for some reason you couldn’t move forward because the answers were kind of clear, but not clear enough. You weren’t in a place where you could feel 100% confident in making the final choice.
Sometimes it’s good to be in a holding pattern, because it’s frustrating to not know which way to go, but at least you don’t have to face taking the actions of making BIG decisions!
Well, let’s just say this month, the seeds AND intentions you have been planting are beginning to sprout MAJOR results and some of these decisions you were unsure about for so long are beginning to make themselves CRYSTAL clear. Here’s the catch: The decisions will be so clear that you will almost have to make these choices INSTANTLY. Yep! You’ve had enough time to think, process and contemplate. Now you will have ANSWERS, and with clarity needs to come ACTION.
April will involve some movement and choices, and it will be up to you how quickly OR how slowly you want to move. BUT I’d HIGHLY recommend you do not procrastinate, as these windows open quick and the timing needs to be impeccable to get the job done.
Now..you may be THINKING that some things have slowed down a bit externally for you. Maybe the pace settled and you don’t feel like there is a lot of forward motion. Be aware that these changes are not only EXTERNAL, they apply to our INTERNAL changes as well. You may have been contemplating changing something with yourself for many years, and maybe you are finally ready to commit and do the work. I’m not saying any of this will be FUN, but it will be freeing! There has been so much weight that has been with you figuratively, literally and/or perhaps symbolically, that you DID move slow for a few years.
It’s time now to RELEASE and also SURRENDER it all! Let it go and look forward to new beginnings!
It may also be time to separate from the noise of the world and retreat and contemplate. Meditation is key and also taking the time to ASK the universe for guidance. You are going to need to be led every step of the way right now, and will need some of your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side to light the way a little! Make sure you stay connected and ask for guidance as you move ahead!
Best in April!
Mini Messages for April 2016 from Medium Marisa Liza Pell
Maxie/Maxine – There is a Joan connection to this name as well. This is a grandmother figure on the other side who is showing me an old pair of what she calls “Woolen Slippers”. She always wore the same style and same color all the years of her life. She is also telling me she loved her finger nails painted but that when she passed her nails had chipped polish on them! Well she wasn’t happy about that! She is mentioning the name Tom or Thomas as that is a living connection to her, and the game of Connect Four in the box that someone still has. She also missed her mini chocolate “candies”. She is referring the number 74, which could be an age, year or July 4. She wants the “young lady” here on the Earth plane to start believing in herself because she’s got some BIG surprises in store for her. I believe this is her granddaughter. This young lady also has many intuitive gifts and should be encouraged to speak of them.
Ronnie, or Rhonda- This is a message for someone with this name who is LIVING. Your spiritual ancestors are very sad that you have not been connecting to them this year. You have a Native American family line and you have a Chief standing here with me right now and let me tell you his presence is very strong and intimidating! He is saying that you have been tuning into to darkness, either through living people here or of the next world and it will not serve you, as it is not where you came from. He wants you to remain true to the family line and bring in your HAWK animal totem as your guide and true source of unlimited power and energy. He is also mentioning a hawk tattoo or a tattoo with a bird with a large wingspan outstretched. This is your sign that he is looking to connect. He wants you to follow tradition (the OLD WAY as he puts it), not what you are seeking. This is also related to your finances, and can help with manifestation. 
Sylvia – I feel like I have written this name before in a previous mini message. If I did and it’s coming back, it means that the person on the other side has not been heard, or that their message was not received. I believe Sylvia or SYLVIE as they call her is in the living, with a mother who has passed. There seems to be some family turmoil which is causing a standoff or family drama. Your mother on the other side is saying that this is draining you immensely and that she wants you to pull back and IGNORE it. 

This is a young man in spirit, who comes with beaming eyes. he says it’s been a while and is mentioning pills as the main course of his situation. He is saying there were more than you knew about, but that it wasn’t the time before to bring this through. As much as you think some of the kids may have his energy, he hasn’t come back to the earth plane yet. He said he is still working on himself, but his eyes look like crystal, shining almost see through…meaning he has made it to a very high place of spirit. He says he is still “galavanting” around and “checking things out” on the other side, and things are way too cool to want to come back right now. He is waiting to see some more people that he hasn’t seen yet, particularly MOM to welcome her. She is on another plane with her guides right now. He knows you want him to talk about YOU, but he jokes and says it’s not about you this time dad! And PLEASE (laughs) he is asking you to not grow out a beard or even a goatee because you will not look “hot” like you think. He also wants you to invest in the right outdoor materials for your new home. He says go with the more expensive siding, not the cheapest one due to weather in the area you are looking at. He says it may be time for a new car, something more durable, because you are going to be a “traveling man” and he’s putting a cowboy hat on you and calling you a true “country boy.” He is smirking and laughing and says you have a lot to learn when it comes to women, so keep trying! And he keeps showing an intersection with a stop sign, and telling you to make full stops, and not roll through. There is another baby coming into the family, maybe a girl!

That’s all for April! Stay tuned next month for new messages!
All my best!
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