August 2008 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

August 2008 Inspirational Message From Marisa Pell

August 22nd, 2008



Get ready for the ride of your life! As we hit mid August, a swift transitional period will hit with rapid force. The period of incubation and analytical processing of the past two months is over, and you are now faced with being thrown in the deep end of the pool without being entirely ready.  It’s either sink or swim, and you’ll swim!

There will be no time to think about what could go wrong. You will have to face all fears head on. You will also have to face all successes! To you that might even be a bigger fear. You won’t have a choice to back out. The universe will shove you. You’ll have to deal with everything that comes your way whether you want to or not.

The universe is preparing to show you how capable you really are! This period will inspire you because there will be no time to think about the “what ifs”. There won’t be any anticipation of what’s to come, because you will already be in it. You will be truly living in the moment, and once the energies slow down in November, you will have accomplished more than you have in many years combined. Finding excuses for “not taking risks” will now be unacceptable to the universe.

In November you will look back with confidence at all the things you thought you could never face, and you’ll realize it was all an illusion.

Get ready! All my best,


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