August 2012 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Well the end of the Summer is fast approaching and September is right around the corner! Remember I mentioned that after the retrograde, the energy would be moving at lightening speed!!??
Well, you may have experienced so much forward movement, that you are now looking to take a breather!! And that you must do! However, whatever you were able to get done in the month of August and whatever projects you were able to accomplish will come with long lasting benefits!! So the hard work you’ve done WILL pay off 🙂

Now onto going into September, you should start to organize and prioritize your home, office and activities. There are things that are now holding you back and you must decide what is important and what needs to go. This is in the form of clutter, papers, and YES other people!! You must clear out for the new to come in, because the seeds you planted this summer will begin to bring new opportunities in the fall.

If you are not organized or prepared, you could find yourself running around aimlessly trying to get things done at the last minute, and that will NOT be comfortable. So save yourself some stress and get moving on organization NOW. Some of you may experience rapid shifts this September going into mid October. This may involve total career transitions, a change in residence or a new long standing relationship. In any event, these changes are for the better, so TAKE THE PLUNGE and just do it!! If you are someone who is usually in a comfort zone and change really freaks you out, I hate to say it but you will miss the boat. Everything is in alignment now to move forward, so take this as your window of opportunity into new and exciting areas.

This may also be a good time to have a session done to see what your path holds, whether it is an intuitive session, or connecting with your spirit guides! Or it could just be following your own inner guidance. If you are reading this, and things are making a LOT of sense, then you may not need any guidance at all….YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. So just do it 🙂

Now on to the Mini Messages,

All my Best,




Sarah is coming through from the other side, she says she has her hair up in a bun and didn’t like the “old lady” hairstyle. She is mentioning to her daughter here in the living to STOP WORRYING, everything is going to be ok. She is also showing me a bicycle. Perhaps this means that this activity is essential to getting out of your head. Someone may have to check their blood sugar regularly, there is a lot of stress near someone in the immediate family. The name of Tom is also connected to Sarah, living or passed. Once this person relaxes, their sugar levels should return to normal. She is also showing me a lake and a hammock.

Cindy in the living, both of your grandparents are coming through from the other side speaking of a second marriage and/or engagement in the family and they are very happy about that. I also see a home needing a new roof, and someone juicing for optimal health. It could be that you are already in the holistic field or may be going into this field in the upcoming two to three years. There is also a Stan or Stanley connection that those are the other side are mentioning. But the first message of CONGRATULATIONS seems to be the primary one!

Susan, get out of your head, it’s a BAD NEIGHBORHOOD in there!! 🙂

Mark in the living, your father is coming through from the other side saying you’ve been through literal “hell” over the past two years! He is glad you have seen it through and says it’s only “a bump in the road”. I see pavement, so perhaps you are getting a driveway redone. Your father is very proud of you and offered support on the other side during this difficult time. I see the Star of David next to him, so either he has a Jewish friend on the other side with him, or he has Jewish roots and/or ancestry. He wants to mention the watch you have of his, and says, “You better water those plants!” I’m assuming you don’t have a green thumb! He really wants to let you know he is there and that there are smoother roads ahead.

Lily or Lillian, not sure if this is living or passed, but she wants to mention a new baby that has just arrived or is arriving. They are very happy on the other side about this new addition. They are mentioning that this new mom is either very young or was not considered “ready” by the family to have this new child, but she says that this is incorrect! This child will bring great healing to both this young mother and especially to the grandparents here! There is a young man in spirt who passed that is very missed by the family, and he is also in agreement! Although he says that this young mom does need to go back to school, and that’s a MUST and he WILL help with that!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

All My Best,


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