August 2013 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

mlp2_smallerCAugust 2013 Inspirational Message and Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell
Wow! How are you all feeling this week? A little tired, stressed or the like? It seems we are hitting another point of shifting again! If I would have to take a guess, I would say a lot of you are feeling your energy is now picking up and moving very fast! You want to get things done! Your desire to move forward is at lightening speed BUT, things on the outside world aren’t moving as fast as your energy would like to go. Yes, it’s normal and it’s not just you. So yell at the universe, but don’t personalize it. It’s best at this time to filter your energy SOMEWHERE, instead of ruminating, worrying, or having anxiety about the future.
Right now it’s best to channel your energy into either a CREATIVE ENDEAVOR, or do something physical. It is also important that you ground your energy today, as you may have a tendency to be a little spacey and all over the place. One of the things I would like to share with you comes from a man I have found to be a great source of spiritual insight. Upon looking at him, you wouldn’t think you would hear such amazing analogies and insight, but put a situation in front of him and he is able to filter it and provide you a simple answer that just makes you say: A-HA! Sometimes we need people in our lives who can be a little more objective and less emotional when it comes to our circumstances. Most of the time we are looking for people to co-sign our poor choices and self destructive behavior and we keep asking and asking until someone provides us with relief. But that relief is only for the moment. Usually within a couple, days, weeks or months, the same situations come swimming back again, and we are on the phone complaining about the same things to our friends. We may even seek out advice, but we must remember that our actions that determine the outcome.
So, oh yes. I went off on a tangent. Let me tell you the story! I remember being overwhelmed by everything around me, wondering why this person wasn’t doing this, and what that person wasn’t moving forward on that, and thought that what was going on in MY life would be determined by their decisions in theirs. I wondered what I was doing wrong. I remember talking to many people about this. I felt in “limbo”, and I wanted to know WHY. I was ready to get things moving in areas of my life. Why weren’t they happening already??!!! And I spoke to my friends, I spoke to other readers, and for some reason, I felt there had to be something “I” was doing to cause this (and conversely, there must be some solution to change it). I found out that it was really all in my perspective of how I looked at things. I decided I would make one more attempt to try to understand how I was feeling. So I asked this man, and wasn’t really thinking he would be the one with the answer. He wasn’t any sort of spiritual advisor, just a regular dude who had a cup of coffee in his hand, a bike outside and a cheery smile on his face.
But looks can be deceiving! You don’t ever know when a message needs to come and who will be bringing it! Within minutes, he had an answer. And it had nothing to do with “ME” at all. He said, it seems as if you are headed in a good direction. You are making the right decisions for yourself, you are taking a positive attitude. I really don’t see how you are contributing anything to “halt” the progress in your life. Then he went on to say, “It’s not your problem everyone else around you is on fire. Don’t take it in. You must still retain inner peace. You have nothing to do with the fact that they have things going on that have nothing to do with you!”
Wow. And I thought I was doing something to stall myself. I thought I was perhaps “blocking” areas of my life. What the problem really was, was this. I put myself “ON HOLD”. On hold for other people to make decisions. It didn’t matter if it was in my career or my personal life, things always seemed to be a waiting game, because I was always “waiting” for people to meet me halfway to continue moving forward. What I didn’t see was that perhaps it wasn’t my problem at all. Other people around me had their own paths, their own timing and their own lessons. I thought maybe I still had to keep patient and wait until all these situations righted themselves, but it was the OTHER people who were moving different directions. The only person I could focus on is me, and it didn’t matter how much was going on AROUND me, it was what was going on WITHIN me that mattered.
Now you all my wonder, what is Marisa talking about? It really isn’t one thing in particular. A lot of times people read my newsletters and write me, “Did you write that FOR ME?”
I’m sorry to say that I do not target certain people in my newsletters. A lot of times, we are ALL experiencing a universal energy, so what I may be experiencing, you may be also, and so may thousands of other people. Remember, we are all in this together. And what I’m referring to above was affecting me in ALL sectors of my life from my career to personal relationships and even to friendships. I saw a pattern and I just couldn’t understand it.
That knowledge I received FREED me in a sense that it took the burden off me to think that “I SHOULD BE DOING MORE.” And allowed me to see things from a universal perspective. Everyone is flowing in their own space, and in their own time. Other people in your life had life lessons BEFORE YOU came in, and some of those lessons aren’t complete. It has nothing to do with you, so release the need to think it does. And while those around you may be working on other things, YOU COULD START TO WORK ON YOU.
I find that when we are constantly “waiting” for things to shift, or to change, we have an air of anxiety around us. A perplexing push of our energy forward to wish and pull and prod to WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. However, the problem is that when we are involved in worrying and wanting things to happen, we aren’t DOING ANYTHING but wanting things to change and happen.
And frankly, sometimes that could turn into a subconscious excuse to not make things happen in our own lives.
It’s scary to put some effort and energy into changing ourselves and it’s much easier to worry about other people and wonder why they are not doing things the way we want them to, or the way we think “they ought to”. But who are we to say that the lessons they are learning right now are not part of their current path? As intuitive or intelligent as we may be, we are not the orchestrators of the larger picture. All we can do is stay centered and focused on what we need to be doing. It’s the only thing we do have a say in, our own decisions!
So stop waiting and start moving onto what YOU would like to be doing. Start painting the canvas of your life. I always like to suggest vision boards for those of you who aren’t sure where the next steps are for you.  It’s always fun to get some people together and do vision boards. Just simply have everyone bring different magazines & poster board, put on some music and rock out! You will find you are drawn to images you really didn’t expect and you just may come out with a nice piece of artwork you could frame and put up too!
Mini Messages For August
Tara – You would do best to reconsider schooling at this time. You have an aunt on the other side and here that also needs some support. The name Tom is coming through. Tom could either be living or passed. I do feel more on the other side. Casinos are being mentioned, and he is also mentioning his shoes. I believe he liked to be impeccably dressed and for some reason at his funeral, the shoes that were put on him were old shoes. He wasn’t happy about that! He is telling you that you are upset at yourself, and that you really need support for YOU during this time. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, and focus on yourself. 
Jonas – That’s a cool name! I’m not sure if this is living or passed, I believe Jonas is living, and a David is connected as well as a Brian. I am seeing the start of David, so I will guess that there is ONE side of the family with Jewish descent. There is something of BIG IMPORTANCE. If Jonas is not in his last 20’s, I see someone who is 29 about to have a big break and about to receive recognition and acclaim! This is in the creative areas, and I see screenwriting or writing for TV and I see an award for this. Looks like after years of being turned down you will finally hear a BIG YES, which will invariably lead to a lot VERY QUICKLY!
Jules – Not sure if this is a nickname of shortened version of a name, but an animal in spirit is doing very well!! She is happy and very content and free of all earthly worries. She is around you all the time, and a see a special red collar that she used to wear. She is also with her mommy, who is quite a bit bigger than her! I see a clinking of glasses and a toast, so I believe a wedding is coming for you or someone close to you. If you are already married, you may be asked to be in the wedding party.
SUGAR- These names just keep getting weirder and weirder. I keep hearing the name SUGAR, or Shugs. This is definitely a nickname from someone on the other side, but I believe “Sugar” is living. I feel this is a younger couple, and the male is on the other side. I get a David connection and also a black bandana and a motorcycle. This man was a little stocky but not fat. He had a VERY strong presence and I believe had a daughter and a son. “Sugar” is not the biological mother of these children, and is the person he was with before he passed. He considers you SUGAR the love of his life. He sends you “animated hearts and roses”. I don’t know what this means other than he may have sent you emails or computer graphics like this before. Or you keep getting signs like this ON your computer currently and randomly and wonder if it’s him! It is! Oh and SUGAR must be in all CAPS for some reason, he wants me to mention that! 
Geroulo (This is someone’s LAST name). I may have not spelled it right, but it sounds like this. This person is sending butterflies, “directly to your door”, and throughout your garden, and I believe it’s a vegetable garden! She is saying you have to take special care with the cucumbers, as they need help!! You also need some new soil. She has been outside with you this Summer, as Summer time is very important to her and her son. There is a connection with a Jerry, Geraldine, or Sheri. I just hear the sound, you would probably know more which one it is. And she is holding a quartz crystal wand??? This is something you either have or will be using as it is very healing for certain physical symptoms particularly structural issues! Wow, that’s pretty neat! You will have to write me and tell me about what that means.
Oscar – I feel this is a VERY large dog, and he was very mellow in life. He had a lot of issues with the heat. It looks like a Newfoundland, but I don’t think it is. The fur goes over the eyes, almost looks like dreadlocks. A tan or brown dog, or this dog may be connected with the dog named Oscar. Your people and animals are very much around you in spirit and they are not leaving your side. Know that you are having a difficult time, but you are NOT alone! Keep truckin’ as the song would say!
Hope you enjoyed the messages and this beautiful weather!!
Blessings and Light to You!
Marisa Liza
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