August/September Inspirational and Mini Messages


I’m sure most of you are feeling the effects of the tough transitions the last few weeks of August brought upon us. If you dealt with these upheavals with a little less grace than you thought, cut yourself a break. You have been preparing for these major changes for the last three years. Some of you still weren’t ready to make them! But the universe stepped in and threw you into the next pathway anyway.

The good news is the worst is over in terms of these surprise changes and upheavals. Whatever physical transitions you made in the past three weeks will be the ones you will have to tend to until July 2019. There is also a back and forth energy (astrologically speaking) which is now affecting your thinking processes.

Right now, you realize you had to make some of these big decisions. They were long overdue. However, you are still wondering if you really made the right choices. Even though you physically made the changes, you are still not secure in the choices (on either side!) So you will still have to play these two things out for a bit.

Next up are the life areas of interest. The major sectors you will be dealing with in the upcoming months are family and close relatives first, career second, and creative new identities third. If you are breaking into a new business, new career, or expanding your business in any way, you may find that you need to separate yourself into a few different categories. You will have to experience each pathway separately. The good news is that you are now moving ahead and creating! The challenge is that you are not fully secure yet with the new path, or how you plan to settle into it. You want to make a decision to put both feet on the ground somewhere, but it isn’t happening yet. Be patient. Enjoy both experiences that you are moving through now to the fullest, and ease up on the pressure to figure it all out.

On a self care front, you may need to triple up on those efforts. All these changes create shifts in the multidimensional bodies surrounding you. This includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy fields. Make sure you are keeping up on your self care appointments and that your maintenance plans are continuing in a routine.

This next point sounds simple. Enjoy life. But fun and play are not part of this intense shift in energy right now. So, you have to MAKE TIME FOR IT. Schedule fun, laughter and play. And don’t let anything get in the way of it. If you are stressed from the day, make it a point to shut those thoughts off so you can fully recharge your battery. This is imperative so that you can get back to making all those really big decisions! You must have a clear mind to do so. By adding stress onto stress, you will be less clear and more confused. Another simple suggestion: Take some quiet time for at least fifteen minutes a day with no phone, no tv, and no scrolling online. You will find you have more energy moving through all the tasks ahead of you.

This is also a time where receiving spiritual guidance, insight and checking in with advisors is must! The physical plane is where the transformations are taking place, but your choices are also in line with your spirit. And your pathways must align at this time. There is necessary information that at times you won’t be objective enough to access. Spiritual mentors and advisors are crucial at this time to bring perspective. Impulsivity at this time will work against you.

If you can find small ways to keep centered now, you will be creating a strong foundation to take off like a rocket ship! And sooner than you think!

Stay humble and forge ahead with courage!

All my best,


September Mini Messages From The Other Side

Al/Alvin: This is a strange message because all I keep hearing is the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” Song. This is definitely a very specific message from the other side and a strong validation. I think it was a joke or happy memory between the person on the other side and someone here. I also hear a message for you: “The Message is in The Mess.” Perhaps you need to go through some messiness or a pile of papers to find something really important from this person on the other side. I do see someone that passed of a trauma or injury, and this person is only showing me this for validation. They are just fine over there and want you to know they are ok!

June: This is the name June and not the month of June. I hear a reference to June Carter Cash as well, almost like there was some sort of similarity in life. I do feel June has passed. I also hear the name Junio, or Junie. I feel there was a terminal illness connected to her, but she did pass peacefully. I am getting a sense of hospice and also loved ones surrounding her as she passed. She actually felt the facility she was in was very peaceful and filled with angels. She wants to let you know that she passed very peacefully and is quite happy. She is saying “Happy Birthday” from the Other Side. The number seventeen is also significant.

Ray/Raymond: There is the name Ray but also the name John/Jack. I feel the person’s birth name was John but they called him Jack. There is also a connection to a dog who was a Rottweiler/Shepherd mix. This dog is on the other side. There is also a train connection. I’m not sure if someone worked on the railroad or there was a train incident with someone who passed. There are two men here, and one passed suddenly. But he is saying he did not take care of himself. I smell tobacco, and believe he rolled his own every day. I also get the smell of hard alcohol, so he may have been a daily drinker. He mentions this was the way he lived and wasn’t going to change.

Julie: This name is someone who is living. I believe this is a grandmother coming through to give you a message about some life event you are dealing with. She tells me she is your grandmother from your mother’s side. There is something about a pregnancy and a child that is not settled and you are losing hope. She is saying that this is a time of spiritual testing of your faith, and the moment you start to trust in your divine purpose and connect to whatever form of spirituality you believe in, then they could help you! You have lost your way a little, but you haven’t gone too far yet! They are saying again: Keep The Faith!

Richard: I believe there are two Richards in the family. Actually they are correcting me. There are two here and one on the other side, but he is not blood related. This one is Rick, and could either have married into the family or is a close family friend. He wants to address the two Richards that are here: Father and Son. They seem to be both dealing with a complex family issue concerning an immediate member of the family that passed. There could even be a division with another close family member. Rick is someone that had an amazing sense of humor and always a positive perspective and he’s saying not to worry. In time, this will all pass. He is telling both of them to go to a baseball game and have a hot dog! He had a certain routine at his baseball games, and those here will get this message and laugh!

Those are all the mini messages for this month!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and stay connected online!

Have a great week!


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