August/Sept. Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

August/Sept Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

September 1st, 2011

August/September 2011
Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Plus Mini Messages!


Wow! Lot  of changes from Mother Earth on the East Coast! Symbolic in a way. She is telling us that things ARE CHANGING no matter what. Therefore, we are called to be where we are truly supposed to be at this time. For some of you, this means finding and following your true paths of destiny. You will need to plug in and flow with this path now, or you will probably become very uncomfortable and unsettled.

How does one find their true destiny path? Very simply., what are the hobbies and passions that inspire and energize you? What are some dreams you had when you were a child? There are activities that drain you and others that energize you. Pay attention to those signs. Like a little child in flow with the wonderment of his/her world, what keeps you in joy and what brings you away from it? You may tend to want to over complicate this process by over thinking. Most of you will do this by procrastinating and/or just being plain lazy. Will finding your true path of destiny be easy? YES. It’s already in your heart! All it requires is a little stillness and faith. Another question to ask yourself is: What can you engage in for HOURS at a time and not get bored, or what topics can you discuss at length with enthusiasm and energy? No matter how silly that seems, those are clues to finding the key to your path of destiny.

At this time you are being called into a PATH OF SERVICE. That means that whatever you do or choose to do must serve the greater good.  We need soldiers of spiritual service on the Earth to heighten the vibration. Ultimately, we are all here for a cause, and you will be seeing various signs that are hard to ignore.

Yes, we are all souls with our own soul purpose, but we are also all part of the bigger picture here, and thinking of others right now will be most helpful on this path. However, you can’t give what you haven’t got! So if you’re feeling depleted, drained or in low energy, you MUST GIVE TO YOURSELF. By giving to yourself, you will be better equipped to achieve your purpose. Believe it or not, giving when you have nothing to give is a form of selfish behavior. You are engaging in it at the EXPENSE OF YOURSELF for alternative means (to be liked, loved, or gain something in return (respect, peace, control), you name it, or so that other people don’t think of you in a negative way.

Taking action on your dreams is a little more difficult than KNOWING what you would like to do. Action takes COURAGE and the willingness to move through some discomfort and pain. If you are unwilling to do that, you will not continue to be called as the universe is calling those to action right now. If you are experiencing some strange occurrences, and being asked to release that which no longer serves you, you can be sure you are being called into a path of higher consciousness and awareness. BUT, this isn’t Burger King! You can’t always have it YOUR WAY. Getting to your destined path involves great sacrifice, willingness and faith. It involves being at your best and highest vibration.

Sometimes it is best to see a spiritual advisor, someone of the clergy or a spiritually minded close friend to discuss your path options.  It may be a bit tough to be objective with your own life, especially if you have a lot on your mind. A neutral friend can be helpful in sorting things out for you.

And before I go onto the mini messages, I would just like to quote “Think On These Things.” From Philippians 4:8 , “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

All My Best,


John from the other side is here to extend a message to his family. He is mentioning the name Gayle, or Gail (could be in the living) and an Oak Tree. This  could have been his favorite tree in the backyard. He is bringing up the old grill that you haven’t gotten rid of and saying, “For god sakes, GET A NEW DAMN GRILL! It is dirty and cannot possibly be cleaned, plus it won’t even go on half the time and is so old it is even bent over partially.” He is mentioning the number 7. Could be the seventh of the month or July as being significant. He also brings up the name Tom and Dharma (not sure of that sound).

The name Clarke, Clark or last name Clark. There is a medium sized dog coming through , looks like a brown lab. He is healthy and happy on the other side, and is running! I get the sense that he had problems moving around before he passed and he wants his owners to know he is running great! He also loved yellow tennis balls and slobbered all over them. I also get the name Tim or Timmy around him and am seeing an old restored Victorian house with a beautiful wrap around porch. I also see hanging flowers. There is a now an older woman coming through mentioning gardening, DAFFODILS and carnations. She loved hanging flowers and always had her gardening gloves on. Someone may still have these gloves. I am also hearing the name David or Davis.

Sycamore Tree. This is a big time symbol for someone. The number four is significant. Something about floor mats and little circular carpets everyone so that people didn’t “trapez” (they are using that word) dirt all over the hardwood floors. They are mentioning something about restoring an old hardwood floor.

Jason in the living. There is a message for you to get new sneakers for one and dress shoes for an improtant upcoming event. This is your POP speaking and he is appalled by the apparel you boys are wearing now a days. He doesn’t even think you look decent. In fact he is referring to you as a “hoodlum”. He is also mentioning a pocketwatch that is significant and the name MAIDEN.

James or Jim. You are still not listening to the other side. You clearly want to do things YOUR WAY and it keeps looking dim for you. Why don’t you just let people in and stop moving around so much.? You have so much to give someone, and your lady friend is waiting, but she is sad and won’t be waiting forever. You also need to buy new cups or drinking glasses for your house. Get a nice set and throw the other ones away especially the green ones with the cracks and stains in them. Someone on the other side loved their black coffee. This is male and and he is with his wife on the other side who always stained the coffee mug with her red lipstick and she smoked heavily as well. The woman here had jet black short hair and a sarcastic dark humor to match. They are really getting annoyed with your putting aside a wonderful person that they have indeed sent your way. You are el stupido!!!

Trevor. Be careful driving and please do not drive under the influence or with any substance in your system. Beware of pills as well. You are treading a thin line.

Max or Maxine. There are Christmas time images coming in and significant ribbons and bows. Someone had a talent for making the house look just right during the holidays! I hear the name Jasper or Casper, and another Jim or James. Phillip is also coming in and also the name Truie or Trudie or Rudy? (something that sounds like that). I see someone of Asian descent as well mentioning an adoption, or perhaps they were adopted into an Irish family, because I also see a green shamrock. This is a married couple coming through wanting YOU to make the holidays BIG again just like they did. They also want to let you know that someone is getting married soon in the family.

Russ or Russel (Ross). You have a serious foot problem. Seek help for that.

Bruce in the living. There is another Bruce also in the family and the name Mike is coming in. You have some serious financial concerns to consider and also a move looks like it would be a wise option. “Do not overdue or you will remain underdone.” (whatever that phrase means lol). Get back to your cooking and grilling as you really enjoy and take peace in that! You should really be in culinary school!

Linda/Lynne. Stomach issues are coming in that need to be addressed soon, and also be aware of your hand getting injured or your wrist. This is not the time to be stubborn as many people want to help you. Do not let your arrogance push people away. You have too much to lose by appearing as someone who does not express gratitude. Tom is a connection and so is a Henry, Henrietta, or Harry. Someone is laughing at the name Harry, almost like this is not their real name, or someone pretended their name was Harry. Watch when you shave for ingrown hairs. You need a better razor, and nice socks!! Yes, you need socks and shoes for a nice event coming up. There is a stray cat that someone took care of on the other side, and you have a dream about having a house with a nice fireplace one day and a mantle. They are asking in unison, “What is wrong with you, and how can you be so smart but yet so stupid??” You may need a new refrigerator. The number 12 is significant and the number 32. 32 could be March 2 or age 32.

A middle aged man is coming through who had an obsession with John Lennon.  He wants to acknowledge all the things you kept from his collection, especially the poster. He is surprised you have now decided to be open minded about liking John and he is smiling. He mentions the name Ruth or Ruthie and also mentions someone who likes stained glass or does glass art. He is mentioning the name Gene or Gina. I believe he had a motorcycle. I also hear the name Olivia or Olive.

A woman Judy is coming through, but is very quiet. Seems private. She just wanted to let you know that she is making the transition to the other side.

Thank You all for reading the messages and hope to see you sometime this Fall at one of our events! Just remember these messages could be for anyone! Please forward if you think it may be for a friend!

Have a wonderful rest of Summer,
Marisa Liza

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