December 2009 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

December 2009 Inspirational Message From Marisa Pell

December 2nd, 2009


What a great way to start off the holiday season — with a lot of downtime to browse your favorite stores! Luckily, this holiday season will not be as hectic as usual. The energies are slowing down for a Mercury Retrograde the day after Christmas. Normally a retrograde falling during a busy work period is not profitable, but over the holidays, the energy slow down is a welcome event!

If you are looking to concentrate on work and business this month, you may want to lower your expectations. Don’t worry, the start of the year will be packed with movement and exciting news. Enjoy this slow period. Giving or donating time, money and gifts during this holiday season may seem counterproductive due to the tough economic times, however it is imperative that you do so! The more freely you give during this time, the more opportunities you will receive in the new year. This is a time when giving is of the utmost importance. Non profit organizations and especially animal shelters are seeing close to a 30% decline in donations.

Think about giving in energetic terms. Giving and receiving need to be in balance. If you are ONLY GIVING, it is just as depleting to your abundance, health, and especially your finances. Saying NO is important over this holiday season, because even though the energy is slow, you will find yourself to be uncharacteristically tired. GET CREATIVE! If you can’t spend a lot of money, create something – creating keeps you in a flow and automatically charges your life force energy!

Give a gift to someone who is not expecting one. AND MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE graciously and without needing to balance it out in return. Allow yourself the joy of giving without expectation. If money is an issue, donate your time over the holiday season. Many local animal shelters are overpopulated and the dogs really appreciate walks! Plus spending time with an animal during a stressful time can really GIVE BACK TO YOU!

Fear, lack and worry DO NOT make our lives more abundant — and when this goes to the extreme, you may find that obsessively saving is not creating abundance either. Take one step toward freely giving of your heart in any way you can. Opening yourself up to this will bring you not only joy, but a feeling of wanting to give more! Try to ask yourself this holiday season — are you giving out of obligation or because it’s within you?

This month is a time to reevaluate your life in its entirety. Get rid of EVERYTHING that no longer serves you. Holding on to anything will only hold you back. This year is a year of change, but only the drastic leaps will be immediately recognized by the universe. Maybe you’ve cleaned your home, but did you rid yourself of all your emotional clutter? Holding on to the past will only hurt you! Most of the people that we are angry at no longer think of us at all. You are not getting anyone back by holding grudges or “they should haves”. The truth is that in a lot of times in our life, our expectations haven’t been met. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible now. Focusing on “what hasn’t been” will only take you away from “what is now” and the ultimate possibilities of what could be.

If you could do anything for yourself, try forgiving someone right now. Who is the first person that comes to mind? Whether you like it or not, this is the person you have to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean calling them up, or even speaking to them. This is solely for your own peace of mind.

You don’t have to forgive the actions, but you do have to wish well for them in your heart. Tell the universe that you wish all the blessings for them that you would want for yourself, and ask the universe in return to change you. Reflect  on this person. Were your expectations not met? Did they not give you something you wanted? Did they take something away from you that you had? If the answer is yes, then your feelings are coming from a place of self-centeredness.

Sometimes, we place unrealistic expectations on others that cannot possibly be met. Say this mantra for ten days and watch what happens! Anything is possible. Finally write down one aspect of your life you are grateful for every day. You will see that you have far more now to be grateful for!

All my best to you and your family this holiday season!


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