December 2011 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

December Inspirational Message PLUS Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Pell

December 20th, 2011


Well, December is coming to a close and so is the year 2011! The holiday season may have been stressful for some of you so far, more so emotionally. And, yes, there is a reason to it other than the usual holiday stress. The upcoming year of 2012 has some major spiritual shifts coming with it, but not as some of you may expect. We have great duties spiritually for *purification*. The dimensions are shifting and our connection to your God source, the universe, your spirit guides and those on the other side are becoming more readily accessible.

Many of you may have started to experience some major PSYCHIC shifts over the past three months leading into this transition. I’ve had many calls from clients and friends telling me of spiritual experiences, vivid dreams and powerful occurrences of psychic sensitivity. Some were shocked and others were amazed to know that their already keen sense of abilities were now taking new heights. Well, of course, there is a reason for it all.

We are coming into a time when science and spirituality are going to need to work together, where world religions are going to have to see the common denominator and unity in the connection to God, and where the material world will be challenged by those who have not integrated spirituality into their lives. Most worry about practical matters in 2012, however I am more concerned about spiritual matters.

If you have not already come to terms with some things that need changing in your life, think clearly because we are coming into a time where free will decisions of each individual can lead to the future of our universe. We can destruct or regenerate, but it takes the power of ONE, of YOU, to affect the whole. Each decision, large and small, will have an effect and a powerful one.

Ask yourself these simple questions: Are your intentions aligned with self will, or are they serving the greater good? Are your thoughts of others clear of anger and fear? Are you still blaming the past for your plight in life? In previous years, you could have afforded this luxury. Not now. If you are not aligned with spiritual service, whether it be a cause, your church, or a spiritual group, you may want to do so. Right now, there is much that can be accomplished with Unity Of Thought. Although personalities may be different, we are all here for a mission. We may not all get along. But we need to be aligned and in agreement on the thought grid. If we focus on the outer world too much, we have turned in a different direction. So keep the channel open, and keep the light on inside. These experiences are happening to you because YOU ARE MEANT to receive spiritual direction. Heaven and Earth must come together for this divine mission.

So, what can you do? Simply clear yourself on 5 multidimensional levels: physical, mental, emotional, psychic, and spiritual. Is your body a temple, or do you load it up with chemicals, processed foods, and/or toxins? Do you have addictions that you need to address? Some of you may be saying, I take wonderful care of my body! I go to the gym every day, exercise, and eat right. This may be true, but what about your other dimensions? Are you holding resentment? Do you have emotional entanglements? Are you on a path of service spiritually? Are you selfish and self centered most of the time? Do you struggle with anxiety, fear and/or depression? Do you deny your psychic and intuitive abilities, only to focus on the practical matters of life?

These are things to think about, and to try to work them out before the New Year energy starts advancing. You must be a clear channel and connected to your source to receive your divine guidance for the year. Please note that it is imperative that you follow YOUR OWN unique divine guidance in terms of your decisions. While psychics, counselors and advisors are wonderful for additional insight, remember that your own inner compass is the only hardwired clear link to your life path. You held the blueprint before you came here, and that’s why it’s so important to be free of self, anger and fear, because the decisions that are made under this guise may not be for your benefit.

I urge you all to seek within, to seek your own truth, and to follow your inner compass. Connect to your guides, angels and those on the other side as they are waiting to hear from you!! Remember, they aid when you ask!! Have you connected with them lately?

I wish you all a peaceful and *sparkly* holiday season!! And now onto the MINI MESSAGES!


Mini Messages For December 2011

Ruth from the other side is coming in mentioning a diamond that is very precious to her. She wants it cleaned and is saying that it HAS NOT been taken care of. If you were planning to reset it, it’s now time. She doesn’t want it made into a necklace, so think again! She is mentioning a Walter connection and a Stan or Stanley. There is also a Richard and A Bill, one being a war veteran and very well decorated! One of these men had an issue with the leg due to being in the war. The other was diabetic. They are surrounding you and your family during what they are saying is a very stressful time for you. They are saying, JUST PICK A PLACE for your holiday plans and stick to it!! You frustrate them :)

Linda in the living, this message is from your mother who recently passed. She is mentioning her passing was a slow fade to the other side, but she made the transition well. She is hoping “you will get over yourself” LOL. From getting this message, I am seeing she pulled no punches, so was pretty much a PAIN in the you know what in life. She is telling me that this is how she showed her love. If she liked you, you knew it, if not, back up!!! She says you need to know if she’s in “Heaven”. The answer is yes, with the little white poodle looking Dog. She is mentioning Danny or Daniel as well.

Someone on the other side, I believe this is a young man who passed suddenly. and was a jokester, mentioning the name Jim, is yelling the word “STUNAD” very loud and laughing hysterically. He said this one word will make sense to whoever this message is for!

Sandy or Sandra. Not sure if that is in the living or on the other side. Someone fell down some outdoor stairs and this caused some major problems for this person. There is also a hip issue and/or head. Someone here had a difficult time, and is pointing to her neck. She is very agitated that this all happened and is referencing the winter months, so I’m not sure if she is saying that the steps should have been salted or if there was ice involved. She’s also saying someone needs a new dish rack from Christmas!

Loul, or Loel, not really sure how to pronounce this name. This name is with a living person. Your grandmother and mother on the other side are coming through and mentioning a ceremonial marriage red sash. They are mentioning India, and a marriage traditional sash. This could mean that someone is getting married and they want to have their input! You may want to go against traditional dress if your ceremony is in America, but they are not too happy about that! One of them wears a significant gold necklace around their neck. I am also getting the word or something that sounds like Tilaal or Tilul.  Remember the sounds are a little off, so I may be spelling things wrong. I am also getting the name Dee. Something is also significant with the herb mint.

Jason in the living, your grandfather on the other side is here and he is NOT happy with you!! This is especially true with your shoes. He is wondering why you are so lazy and cannot get a new pair for work! People are most likely noticing and he is saying that he does not approve of the soles getting that worn down. He also wants you to move forward with your career. He is saying that you are not pushing yourself enough to the next level. You are remaining complacent and he is saying there is more for you to do. Get on it!!

Mari or Mary. Oh Nelly. There is too much on your plate to see clearly. There is a John connection to you, and you are a HOT MESS! So is your washing machine. You may need a new one soon! Will you stop trying to get other people well? You must realize that people are going to do what they want and you’ll be a LOT happier when you make yourself happy and say ” F IT!!” Don’t feel guilty, you’re worth it!!

Dan or Danny, it’s time to suit up, show up and grow up my darling! Life is passing you by and some golden opportunities in February are going to present themselves in the sales or marketing industry! Take em!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the messages!! Happy Holidays!!


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