Don’t Hesitate To Validate!

Don’t Hesitate to Validate!

May 21st, 2008

Hello Again,

Wow, I’m double dipping today. Hopefully, this will make up for all this time that I didn’t write. Either too much or not enough right?

As most of you know (or may not know), the difference between mediums and psychics are vast. Performing readings at group events can be physically draining at times. A medium not only receives messages but must also be a translator for the messages coming through. The ability to interpret the language correctly becomes very instrumental in attempting to relay the message to the living person.

Last Friday, we had a gallery at The Crowne Plaza Monroe, near East Brunswick NJ. It was a rainy night and everyone was suffering from a case of the ‘blahs” and just being in slow motion. I could see it was going to be slow night for mental clarity among us since the energy was like quicksand. I always tell my audience that it is just as important to be open and receptive as it is for me to be. Providing messages to anyone also requires clear, sharp thinking both on my part and the part of the person receiving the message.

This is where validations come in. Sometimes, newcomers get nervous when the spotlight is on them and have what I call “psychic amnesia”. They become like a deer in the headlights when I finally do come to them with a message. They may forget their own name, their loved ones names who have passed. This may be due to nervousness, or just plain overwhelm from the experience. Problem is without validations from the sitter, it is tough to see if the information is really for them. This is why I always tell people to write down the information whether or not it makes sense to them.

With this work, unfortunately for me, most of the validations come after I do the readings and go home. Once the sitter leaves the gallery, and is in a calm state, a lot of the details of the session start to make sense. In addition, once they present the information to their families, they have get more information validated. A session is like a puzzle piece that must be put together by various family members and friends.

When I was explaining how the group session worked on Friday, I saw a nice young couple in front of me who asked about language barriers in sessions. I asked the girl how they had heard about me, and she said she reads the blog! So, Julia, this blog goes out to you!

I really didn’t think that a lot of people were reading these posts, but Julie was enjoying them quite a bit. THANK YOU JULIA for inspiring me to blog more!

Julie was actually the first person I came to at the gallery. Some names made sense and we were off to a good start, but then the connection got muddled and other people’s relatives started to jump in. I was bummed at the end of the gallery because I really wanted Julie to leave with a connection, because I felt strongly that someone was there for her.

Well it turns out someone was, and it happened to be her grandfather, but she didn’t realize it until she left. She was nice enough to send me an awesome e-mail about her experience telling about what she figured out afterwards.

She allowed me to post it here for all of you! So here it is…and if you have a story, send it in!


Hi Marisa,

Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful session today at Crowne Plaza Monroe. I’m the girl who asked you about the language barrier when connecting with the spirits. Don’t know if you remember, but at one point you said something about the name George…and cheerleading…and a two ladies sitting close to the door, but those things didn’t make too much sense to them. While on the way home, I realized that my grandfather who had passed was named George. My little sister was in the cheerleading team, and she had just showed me in fact two days ago a scrapbook that she made about a month ago on a trip to Europe. How odd is that!

I’m not sure if it is a coincidence that I can relate to all three things since one of the two ladies did mention she was thinking of redoing her wedding album. But I wish I had realized my connection during the session and raised my hand! In the beginning of the session you had us think of the people whom we hope to connect to, and my grandfather was the first person I thought about. So maybe he was there after all, had I known that!!! I hope he will be able to show me some signs or signal to let me know he was there (if he was).

My friend (the only guy there haha) is still thinking hard about the person you mentioned who was shot during some underground business type incident, hopefully he will be able to come up with something.

Although I didn\’t get a reading tonight, it was really amazing to see how spirits from the other side are able to communicate to us. I’ve always been very interested in the spiritual world myself and do hope someday i will be able to do what you do and help others. I’m glad most people at the event did get some closure or questions answered. It was truely an unforgettable experience and please don’t ever stop doing what you do. I look foward to seeing you again in the future and hopefully next time some of \”my people\” will be able to connect with you!


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