February 2008 Inspirational Message From Marisa Liza Pell

February 2008 Inspirational Message

February 12th, 2008

A Few Words From Marisa Pell for February 2008 ImageNow is the time to move forward! Are there decisions you have been struggling with that you have been procrastinating on for years? Do you really want to change your life for good?

Now is the time to look to the past and see what has been holding you back. Once you set your mind to something, it is usually done. Any decisions made now to change the mistakes you made in the past will be long lasting.

These will be changes for the better. Remember to keep your thoughts positive, as negative thinking could lead to more negativity. The universe is very sensitive right now, so be careful what you are saying to yourself with your inner voice.

We are in a mercury retrograde period astrologically until February 18th 2008. While it is a good time to look back and repair mistakes made in the past, it is NOT a good time to sign long term contracts, move into a new home, or get into a new relationship. This doesn’t mean bad things will happen. It just means that most decisions will need to be looked at and possibly changed again. Or, these decisions may only lead to temporary results. Anything NEW will not be long lasting, so do your research before making any long term commitments.

If you would like to learn more about mercury retrograde, click here for a good site. You can also do a Google search for many detailed websites on the subjects.

This is tough love time. And not tough love for others! You must be tough on yourself now, and make changes that have been long overdue. Whether this means quitting a bad habit, or finally saying no to a draining person — the time is now!

Don’t look back. Make your decisions and move forward. The universe will surely reward you three times over!

All my best!


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