February 2009 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

February 2009 Inspirational Message From Marisa Pell

February 10th, 2009


Ok, so I’m getting pretty frustrated with the domino effect of the negative thought obsessions with the economy. Granted, there is a crisis, however, the media has a very strong hold on how we think as a whole and make our decisions. What if the people at the news station decided today to tell us that the economy is back and better than ever? Would you have a change in thought even though it may not be true?

It’s time to seek your own wise counsel and operate from an intuitive standpoint rather than follow a negative wave of thought consciousness. Get creative and find ways to have fun generating income. If you have a lot of money, spend some to keep a neighbor in business.

To be blunt: If your thoughts go to worry and fear, you are contributing to the economic crisis. At a time when people need some hope and inspiration, the country needs strong leaders and positive thinkers.

Why not be one of them? Don’t get me wrong — I’m not telling you to go spend all your money! What I am saying is to not let your mind go racing into gloom and doom thinking!

Tailoring back your expenses right now is a smart idea. Mentally planning for poverty is not. Money is energy, and needs to keep circulating. Hoarding and holding back in fear will stop this circulation. Eventually, the energy of your own money will come to a halt.

If you don’t circulate your money, money cannot be circulated back to you. Think about it — what if everyone stopped spending all their money right now? There would be no businesses, no jobs, no grocery stores, no doctors, no home builders, no electrical company — I can go on and on.

We all depend on all of these things — but what do all of these have in common? PEOPLE! People need money circulated back to them to live and put food on the table. If these PEOPLE are making money, more companies can thrive and MORE JOBS can be created to give more people the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

Spending wisely within your means is fine. Any extreme activity can be destructive. Affirm that you’ll make it through. Think in terms of abundance. Give your waitress a good tip (provided she/he give you good service!)

Don’t try to cut corners, or pull a fast one just to save some money. This energy will be returned to you three fold. Just do the right thing. Help people in your family, office or community to stay positive. Do something fun that doesn’t cost a lot of money. These moments with friends and family are priceless anyway.

Something else to try: ASK YOUR SPIRITUAL SOURCE FOR MORE ABUNDANCE. Pray and ask for help! Stop relying on your own resources. If we follow spiritual law, we will only know abundance. Ask humbly for help in good faith for your needs to be provided for, and they will be in one way or another.

An ineffective way is to DEMAND your spiritual source or higher power for WHAT YOU THINK YOU WANT. The universe will deliver your abundance in unexpected ways. These ways may not be money directly given to you. A family member may help you out, or someone may pick up the check for dinner.

BE GRATEFUL for your abundance and circulate the energy of abundance and it will be returned to you!

All my best!


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