February 2010 Inspirational Blog on Love!

February 2010 Blog on LOVE and WHAT IT ISN’T!

February 9th, 2010

Ok so let’s forget about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. I myself have never been a big fan. In fact, it’s a little cheesy. BUT, I am a big fan of meeting the right person and falling in love. I have been overwhelmed lately with a shift that I am not only feeling, but I believe this vast “bubble of romance” will be affecting everyone very soon.

You will see a lot of celebrity couples “REUNITING”. Will we see a re-igniting of the flame between Jen and Brad? Why is the media so obsessed with this couple? I believe it is because they have some unfinished business, and that some tough lessons need to be learned. The marriage broke up before they had a chance to have their “breakthrough”. I heard this a while ago, and the phrase always stuck with me….


Sadly most couples don’t get tough when the tough gets going. We are addicted to the instant gratification that our fast paced lives have to offer. Unfortunately, these intense bouts of chemical lightening storms usually amount to nothing but ashes. We want that passionate type of love that everyone yearns for. Some say that this type of love is no more real than Santa Claus (and I still don’t doubt good ol’ St. Nick’s existence!).

Ok, I’m going to say it! I truly believe the fairytale still exists, but not without human error and defect. In my case, I’ve been through a lot of what it isn’t. What I thought was once love was nothing more than a dopamine surge that ended up feeling like hitting the dry concrete from a two story building. The quest for that feeling again became so paramount that I would do anything just to feel it again. Sounds a little addict like, doesn’t it?

To me, True love is not a lightning storm, it’s the flame from one small lighter in a dark stadium.

From an intuitive point of view, I’ve been seeing clients for close to 15 years and the topic of love comes up rather frequently. I see the same patterns time and time again. Simply put, a crash follows the high. Some people just like the drama and need a thunderous sea. Calm waters make them restless. I once heard a woman at an event say that her relationship was so normal and boring, that it was making her insane — she started balling crying (I just looked at her like a deer in the headlights) LOL. I don’t believe we are meant to live in a lifeless, boring state within a meaningful blossoming relationship. But two people must be willing to grow spiritually and together. Hence the phrase “we’ve grown apart”.

Growing together means having some growing pains! Not everything is comfortable. As much as I want to run in a field of flowers and hearts everyday, it’s not realistic while learning our life lessons and for true growth of a partnership. I usually only blog on my monthly inspirational message. But I had some free time today, and have been pondering this issue.

Probably because we have the launch of our new dating event, Intuidate, on Friday. I am hoping to shed some light on an intuitive solution in the dating world. It’s really not about dating per se. It’s more about using your innate intuitive skills to align yourself with your destined path. Once you are aligned and “on track”, you will be on your way to finding true love.

Hope you enjoyed my little tangent. There IS a shift going on, so make the best of it. You will find yourself more open, passionate and ready than ever before to finally give it your all in the arena of love. Don’t give up on love just yet, the right person hasn’t given up on you.

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