February 2011 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

February 2011 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

February 1st, 2011

February 2011 Inspirational Message Plus *Mini Messages* From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Keep your head up people! Things are a little (shall we say) SLOW these days, but it won’t last too long. I would recommend taking this time to get your physical space and body cleared of any energy that no longer serves you.

Sometimes, we spend a lot of time worrying, ruminating and projecting into the future and the past, not fully living in the present moment. That could be hard if there is too much “clutter” in the physical realm. I myself, being someone who does this work, tends to reside in the sphere of more mental and emotional processes. And sometimes that could become imbalanced if the thinking and over-analyzing gets out of control.

This is a time to take care of your physical environment and to balance and ground the physical body. Once May hits, things are ready to soar, so get prepared. You are finally ready to release anything that isn’t serving you at this time. Do you hold on to knick knacks, items that are broken, or things that you are keeping “just in case”? Time to either donate, give, sell, or simply take them outside!

This is a great time to get an energy field clearing or healing energy treatment and to open up the centers of the body that are needing some energy. Over the next few months you will need to be at your best, and I’m not just saying this for “vanity” sake, but also so that you can be open and balanced for the new experiences to enter your life. If you are stuck, do everything you can to take action forward — even if that means you have to force yourself. The wheel has to turn, even if it’s slow. I have been hearing a lot of people saying that they have been experiencing being down, or seasonally affected.

Please don’t stay home and isolate. You need to do everything in your power to keep moving even if it is at a slow pace. Because once the energy shifts, those not prepared will still be at a halt. Be aware of the discomfort and move through it. Once you get the wheels in motion, you will feel much better. But you have to try to do this every day until the end of the month in some form. It doesn’t have to be anything outrageous, just getting you outside into the fresh air or around friends for some laughs. It’s simply these little things that lift the spirits.

If any of you think you may need a little help rejuvenating your physical body, home or environment, e-mail me and I will provide some great referrals. Sometimes we need extra help and a little motivation to get our energy cleared and balanced.

Now, onto the MESSAGES. I know you all really loved these last month, so I am going to keep them coming.

Just a little Clarification: I ran into many people after I wrote the messages last month, and a lot of them thought I was writing personally to them. Please know, I am not thinking of specific people to write to. Whatever messages come, I write them down. If they benefit you, WONDERFUL! They may even benefit more than one person, or you may have to give a message to someone you know.

Before I go on, next to each name I am going to write (OTHER SIDE) or (LIVING). This means that the name of that person is either someone living that needs that message or someone from the other side giving me the message!

George (OTHER SIDE) — To my wife. I am doing quite well. I miss my books and my study. I am happy that you kept my desk and some of the items on it..specifically the engraved paperweight. Congratulations on the graduation. (I am thinking he means a young boy from high school this year).

Bill (LIVING). This is a message from a BILL (OTHER SIDE). Take some time off. You are working way too much. Plus you are way too worried about having perfect shoes. Don’t be so anal all the time. RELAX.

Jill (LIVING) — Man oh man, do you get yourself into some hot water. Do you seriously think that doing the same thing over and over again is going to get you different results. You’re a great girl! What is your problem??? Stop the insanity and THINK before you act next time. This is especially true with impulsive decisions. Seek guidance from others.

Bob (OTHER SIDE) — To the living ROBERT (not Bob). Please make sure you keep your heart health in order. You know this runs in the family. Please don’t ignore signs of trouble. You can prevent this.

Joe (LIVING) — Go to the damn grocery store! Your refrigerator smells and you are getting very lazy. Clean the house because you will have to move by August. Someone on the other side is calling you a lazy bum.

Anitra (Juanita, Sarita) — Not sure of the exact pronunciation of this name. Someone on the other side, a young man who has passed of a drug overdose (heroin) is mentioning the silver chain you wear and the photos of Jesus you keep with you. He is telling me that you have lost your faith and it’s time to get it back. Please pray and ask for help and you will get your answer.

Kevin (LIVING). How is your back feeling? Did you pull it out AGAIN? Don’t do any work on the house or use any ladders for the next 30 days.

John (OTHER SIDE). Mentioning a Marilyn living. You need a new mattress, and there are holes in your current one! Yes, you also have bed bugs! Stop trying to save money and go buy one already.

June (living) — This is a message from Aunt Sally (or Shelly). Someone on the other side is very religious and has a red bible with them. They are telling me you are very blessed and these will be the BEST years of your life. They have supported someone who is in remission.

Jacob — HELLLL NOOOOO! Don’t do it Bro! This is someone who speaks like this. A friend of yours who passed — he is also mentioning a Mark name. He is saying he has the nice faded haircut and he looks great!

Marie — It’s time to do what you dreamed of doing. Don’t let finances hold you back. You have been wanting this for years. The number 7 or the month of July is significant.

Lucy or Lucille from the other side wants to recognize a Cathy. She is saying it’s not worth the stress and if you have to make big changes, do it.

John (other side) Leave mom alone. She needs her space to grieve. Stop asking her to make decisions about the house and the money.

Rick (living) Watch your right leg. You had a former injury which could still present problems. Take care of it now.

Judy (living). You are way out of line with telling people what to do. Your friends are pulling away from you because you are so bossy! Chill girlfriend and let others lead for a while.

Norman — I am so proud of you. Dad.

Liz — There is a Betty here from the other side. Actually the name “B”. Or maybe her name was Elizabeth and they called her Betty or Betsy. She has made the transition very smoothly and loves “heaven”! She loved gardening and her red tulips and they are awesome over there. She loves the smell of the beautiful flowers.

Frank — People on the other side are shaking their heads. They are saying they have tried to help you, but you don’t want the help. You want to do what YOU want to do, and they cannot wave a magic wand. If you want to make changes, make them!

Katie – stop smoking.

Billy – stop drinking.

Caitlyn — Rethink your school choices. Do you want to do something in medicine or the healing/helping field? Now is the time to consider life goals when making these choices. But it is time to choose. Don’t delay. And get rid of that old comforter now! This is from your brother on the other side. Also, mom and dad — you need a new fridge. Take those weird magnet pics of me down. They’re embarrassing. Tell dad he needs new work clothes. Those ties are very 90’s.

Caroline/Carolina — You have a good thing going there with your man. Why are you pushing him away?? If you keep doing this, he will leave for good. If this is not what you want, let him in and enjoy the man of your dreams. He’s right in front of you. Stop being so picky about his bad habits. You have yours you know ( the toe thing is not so womanly LOL.)

Frank or Francis — Play your guitar.

Alberto — It’s time to go to the West Coast and start your own business. Something about really cool car detailing!

Roman — HIIII from your loved ones on the other side and happy birthday grandpop.

WOOLY or WOOBLY — some nickname. I guess you know who you are. This is for you.

Stache (the polish word). This was a nickname for you too. Someone on the other side loves your tattoo you got in honor of them. They are mentioning a Jake connection in their life. This could be a friend living. Someone eats way too much cheese. He is joking saying you are going to turn into cheese someday. Someone loves Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I believe this is a young person who passed on a quad or a motorcycle. He’s also mentioning the military and passing in the ambulance on the way to the hospital Resuscitation was done three times, but he thought he should go. Someone has his sneakers and his poetry/song lyrics.  Thank you for the wonderful memorial service!

Bobby — someone on the other side is calling you BOOBY. This is from your brother who passed. There are twins in your family or twins coming. He has a cross around his neck he is referencing. Also a CC and a Julie.

Ok, that is all for now!!

All my best!!


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