February 2016 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell



Happy February! The winds of change are definitely up and down as we see such a drastic change in weather on the East Coast this Winter. If we look at it symbolically, it represents what I wrote about last month: going with the flow…because some things are just entirely out of your control! I decided to choose an inspirational image with the quote “The Best Is Yet to Come” at the top of this month’s newsletter to give a little insight into the energies for this month. All in all, even though we have very little control, the “winds of chance” are moving us in very positive directions, so don’t fight it!
I also chose the image of the two trees above to show the energy of “harmonizing” with our partnerships and working together as a team. Whether this is in our home life, with our family or with our work partnerships, working together verses working alone this year could be most beneficial provided we choose the best partnerships for us. If we are already in existing partnerships where there seems to be butting of heads, this is the perfect year to let go of separation and find common ground to work together. And there is very good reason for doing so! This year you will need your teams around you to support you to the next level.
The best way to do this is to think outside the box and find a common solution that will work for everyone and maximize efficiency for the team. It will not work if it’s a “my way or the highway” way of doing things. With the highest energies coming forward for moving (moving ahead or an actual move), alignment is present and there are now solutions opening up for all people involved in team projects and partnerships. Provided we cooperate, the solutions will be beneficial to EVERYONE involved (but try not to think ahead because it’s not what you expect)!
This year requires you to be supported in all aspects of your journey and you will need those around you to be supporting you on the highest vibration! Your team will work better if everyone has a positive attitude and positive thoughts toward you and your goals! Be amenable and open minded and you will see results!
All my blessings to you in 2016,






Mini Messages for January 2016 from Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Louise/ Lou Lou. I feel Lou Lou or Louise (Louie) is on the other side and coming through from spirit to connect with her daughter AND daughter IN LAW. I don’t know what this means but I’m hearing “Songs of The South”. Was she a southern belle or did she have a southern accent? Something with Maryland is connected, but she didn’t live there. There is a Dan connection in the living. I feel she wants her daughter to know that she is there for her with her current marital challenges and that she is doing everything she can on the other side to help “soothe” you. She says being quiet will bring more results!

Jazz/Jasmine. This is a very strange nickname to come through. I feel those on the other side are surrounding you to make the necessary creative changes to your life that you have been procrastinating on for 3 years! You are very talented and as you think you are “too old”, you’re not. This is all in your head! You have both the fears of success and fears of “not making it”. It’s time now, and your window of opportunity is from now and over the next 10 months.

Ruth/Ruthie. Ruth on the other side is not happy with her son in the living. She is saying he even needs a new pair of leather work shoes because the bottoms of his soles are coming apart! She is wondering, “What are you thinking?!” Clearly she is showing me that you are not taking care of yourself. There is a Matt or Matthew connection and a Sylvia who is not family. This could be someone at work or a friend. Also, she is mentioning one of your favorite or her favorite shows being Family Feud. Would you like to audition??? Lol. She also is saying your stress levels are at maximum proportions and she needs you to back off on the drinking to “wind down”. Take care of your damn self she says!

Josie/Josephine/Jo Jo. I have a feeling there is more than one of you in the same family. One on the other side, and maybe even two but definitely one living. I get the sense that this is a family of very STRONG women as they had to stand together for many generations. Not sure why that was. There was also strong work ethic here and some of the women in the family were wonderful at running family businesses, which may have included a dress shop, tailoring or shoe repair. Whatever the business was it had to do with clothing and I see it around the 1950’s as being very prominent on a well traveled Main Street. There is a message here for whoever has been interested to BEGIN the family tree or study of the genealogy. You will find the answers that you were looking for. The names Anne and Elva or Elda (or some slight variation) are being mentioned.

Otis. This is an animal coming through for his loved ones in spirit!!! If you had a special furry loved one, he is here to let you know he is happy, safe and having much fun with all those who love you on the other side. I see a HUGE maple tree connected here that maybe was a staple in your family yard, or maybe a place of memorial. Either way, Otis is coming through right by the Maple tree and there is also an Ed connection. Keep smiling knowing that your furry friend is so happy and feeling great!

Hope you enjoyed the messages of the month!!! Please let us know if you have received one of these messages! We’d love to hear your story! And please SHARE if you feel one of these messages is for a friend!

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