February 2019 Inspirational & Mini Messages


So how are you holding up after those three January eclipses? That’s my way of being a bit salty from all the waves of turbulent energy. I’m sure you’ve encountered your share. But sometimes we need a little salt to shake things up. We need to get moving in the right direction. Despite all the upheaval you most likely experienced, there is good news. If you learned your lessons despite being VERY uncomfortable (and didn’t fight the tough transitions that *needed* to arrive), then you are well on your way!

However, some of you may have avoided the discomfort and sought refuge from it. If you found yourself *not* taking action, but rather isolating and shutting out the world, then you need to make a quick turnaround.

There were several types of “breakdowns” that could have taken place during the last six weeks. These may have included mental, emotional, psychic, or even practical ones (such as breakdowns of major systems in the home, or even to your vehicle). Whatever it was, the universe did not stop when the discomfort arrived. Sometimes, what is good for us needs to be brought to the surface in a dramatic way. This is for the opportunity to break negative patterns of energy. 

Over the course of this period, information presented itself suggesting you need some complete overhauls in one or more life areas (or a brand new home or car altogether!). And I’m pretty sure these “firm suggestions” didn’t fit into your planned timeline to do now!

However, you must take all the risks necessary to LISTEN and receive your rewards. If all these things are required to be immediately changed, then the universe is telling you one thing ~ YOU PASSED! You are on your way to the next level! And, you will receive that which is meant to be brought to you by these new experiences. 

In summary, you are about to live a new life!

If you remain analytical and “in your head” and try to reason with what needs to be done, you will certainly miss the boat while others will be moving on.

The other important information I want to relay to you is this – if these breakdowns were of the emotional/mental nature, then you will need very specific systems of reflection to move completely through them. Your wounds are rising to the surface and need to be healed. Once healed, they need to be leg co completely and totally! Some of you will feel the need to push them back down suddenly. This is because we are in a calmer month and things are a little less intense. Now that you aren’t in such a desperate for comfort, you may backslide into thinking there’s nothing more you need to do.

This is far from the truth, and will be completely out of alignment for you in 2019.

This is what I mean by “Reflection Points”. You are about to have Immediate Breakthroughs from your patterns beginning and ranging from 1987-1991. If you were very young at this time, this is even more important. If you haven’t been born yet, look ahead to the period of 1995-2001. 

You must have a few systems in place of immediate and OBJECTIVE reflection. This must happen in a routine way over the course of the next three to six months. This is absolutely necessary to completely rise and have these patterns lifted.

By “systems”, I mean a course of discipline sought alongside spiritual advisors, counselors, energy workers, or any other method where you have to trust another source as a reflection point. And no, you can’t just go one time. You must commit to seeing what is beneath the surface *CLEARLY* and moving the energy out. Since you are in your body during this lifetime, it is very difficult to see these things clearly when you are living it.

Having knowledge and intellectual understanding is only one facet, and the smarter you are – the harder it will be to take the above advice. You will not be able to “intellectualize” this energy out. You may understand where it comes from, but you will not be able to change the energy singlehandedly. Having a reflection point is source of strength, not weakness. 

If you are READY for a complete change and want to live your best life, think a little different in terms of what needs to be changed. And then act by choosing to finally move to this next level.

OH, and I almost forgot, Mercury goes retrograde on March 5th, so try not to buy anything new electronic or with mechanical parts!

All the best for this new energy,


February Mini Messages

Steven/Stephen: You need to have your leg looked at. There is a circulation issue on one side and it could be easily corrected. Right now you may need even a second or third opinion to choose the best practitioner for you. There are two Mary’s connected to you. One here and one on the other side. The Mary on the other side is concerned for the Mary here in terms of depression. Please make sure she is supported even though she is saying she is ok. 

Josephine/Josephina: I’m not sure why I’m getting the variations on this name. But I clearly hear both. Perhaps a member of the family that was the mother of Josephine called her this. I definitely hear broken English as if the mother spoke another language (and I’m being told she was also very strict!) I believe both Jo’s as they call themselves are on the other side. They are a bit on the disappointed side as they are telling me there is a division in the family that seems like it’s not being worked out, and then are saying in a definite tone, “It better be worked out.” I don’t know who this is for, but with these two ladies, I certainly would listen! You don’t want them unhappy!

Midge: I feel like this woman has just transitioned to the other side. She is saying she needs some help from those here to release her a little bit so she can move on. She feels really guilty leaving someone on the Earth plane, especially having to deal with a difficult person over estate issues. She is sorry she wasn’t able to have everything more secured as you would have liked it. She had a tough passing and still needs to get to the healing areas on the other side so she could heal her energy body. She is Catholic and is asking for a special mass to be said and prayers. 

Butch/Butchie: I feel this cranky but funny man named Butchie to most is coming through mentioning the name “Bessie”. I don’t know from what he’s telling me if this is a person or a very special pet. He is doing quite well where he is at but misses his “home base” which he called it. He seemed to be a mountain man, and is coming though wearing a black and red flannel and worn jeans. He doesn’t want me to forget to mention he still has his “steel toed” work boots! He’s saying there are some structural issues to deal with connected to the old house, like roof or beams. And he is saying to go with one of his friends or their referrals rather than a corporate company. They will take care of you. He is emphasizing not to spend more than $2500 on a certain repair. Hold your ground and do not go higher! You will regret not sticking to what he said!

Rocky: This is definitely an animal. He is either a bulldog/pug mix or he is with one on the other side. Could the name be Rocket? I’m not sure exactly which spelling it could be. He is definitely relaying to me that his mouth feels better, and that he is drinking and feeling great! He will be around for this month’s “special occasion. He is showing me a dog with black and white fur patches as well! Lots of love coming from this boy!

This is it for February! 

Enjoy your day!

All the best,

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