February Inspirational Message & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

February Inspirational Message & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Well February is the month of looovvveee, right? Usually it’s just a representation of the commercial holiday, but this year things are VERY different!

The energy for this month couldn’t be further from the truth! You may be feeling an overall expansiveness of your “feelings”. If you are normally a person who is not very expressive or has a hard time “feeling”, or if you are used to keeping your energy contained (yes, this is for those of you who keep people at “arm’s length..and you know who you are!!)…well… you will be feeling this energy to a much greater degree. You will wonder what in the world is going on with you!! 

This is not an energy of chemistry, but rather an “opening” of many of your chakras so that your EXPERIENCE of interpersonal connections can be felt more in depth and in alignment with who/what/where you are going for your highest potential. This refers to SOULMATE connections and energy, because it is THROUGH these connections that you will be able to realize your dreams and goals. Also, the PERSONAL contracts you have agreed to before coming here will be activated now.

What does this mean for you?  

Well to put it bluntly, people will fall away that no longer serve your energy. This will be as simple and as seamless as the relaxing tide. Many of you shifted during the 2012/2013 change, and experienced the MANY energetic powerful “detoxes” of the spirit. If over the 2012/2013 shift you’ve felt under the weather, went through huge emotional upheaval, and/or just felt downright BAD, congratulate yourself, because YOU HAVE SHIFTED!

You did the work, or should I say that the universe was ABLE TO WORK THROUGH YOU. What is the difference? Well, if your energy body was aligned PHYSICALLY first, you were able to be a vessel for the rest of your energy fields (…EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL AND PSYCHIC) to be aligned. 

If you experienced PULLING, PRODDING, and feeling you JUST CAN’T HANDLE certain things anymore, you actually went through an energetic cleansing! (And maybe not even aware of it!).  Your thinking could have consisted of phrases like “THIS SUCKS” or you could have been very comfortable alone. These are signs that YOU DID THE WORK. CONGRATS!! You are now ready to RECEIVE a wealth of abundance (and YES.. things that you could have only imagined!) Well, Believe It! Your dreams may very well come true this month 🙂

This could very well be a personal/professional dream or it could be (considering the energy) meeting the exact right lover & partner for you..and one for a lifetime! Now, why do I mention both? Well, because the heightened energy REQUIRES intimacy and sharing to the highest degree so that divine purposes of the soul could be achieved. 

So, if you are with someone where you act as “roommates”, or you are “staying just for the kids”, or if you are involved in any sort of extra marital affair, or even committed to someone where you have a wandering eye, you are not in the right space for this energy to manifest and it could very well work against you. Because the new energy is supposed to flow, if you stay in something that is not your lock & key, there could very well be much to think about, because ultimately, you will not be comfortable. So consider this message carefully, and review your intimate connections. It is so important that you are aligned with someone for your divine purpose to be realized and if you are not with the right person, that they be released for their soul purpose so that they are able to experience their highest form of love. 

If you are not married, this should be easier for you. If you are TALKING MARRIAGE, be very CLEAR as to your upcoming decision, especially if you are marrying in the year 2013. Do not do anything because of “time”. For example if you are someone who is thinking, “well it’s been many years since we’ve been together, so it’s about time”, or “we should really start having children”, or “it will be better for our taxes/pension etc.”. NOT RIGHT. 

Let me explain something about this energy, it is NOT INTENSE. It is NOT CHEMICAL LOVE. It is all encompassing love on all five levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic. IF IT IS RIGHT, you will not need to ASK anyone. You could very well meet, date and marry very quickly, for your soul knows its destiny. It is not an IMPULSIVE act upon lust, you will feel it at the soul level. TIME IS NOT A FACTOR IN THESE RELATIONSHIPS.

Normally and through human experience and logic, I would tell you to date a while, get to know each other, and be very careful with choosing your mate. In this instance, it is the reverse. The more time that goes by WITHOUT DECISIONS, the more the energy is NOT FLOWING, and the more THOUGHT that goes into WAITING…well it may not be right for your highest energy. Being unsure in this energy and staying in relationships or tied to people that are not growing WITH YOU and alongside you, will only prove to be draining. 

People that are ALONGSIDE you as a partner on all levels will remain. Those that are not will not be joining you on your new journey. This is also true of friendships, groups, and activities during this time. There will be no torrid goodbyes. You will just know you have reached a new level and will AUTOMATICALLY EXIST IN THAT DIMENSION, A NEW REALITY. There will be no sadness for the energy left behind, because those of the new energy will need to align with you. The place you opened will be made available to someone else who is now linked to their new vibration, which will be your old one. No vibration is better than the other, it’s just where you are in your lessons and your energy.

BUT the good news is this: if you are free in spirit, free of old emotions, old ties, old binds, you are ready to make a new start. And this start is expressive, IMPRESSIVE, creative and spiritually aligned love! I hope to hear some of your stories!

Now of course, everyone’s path is different. This is just the energy available to you now. What you do with it is up to you! Free will people 🙂

Love and Blessings to You All!

Marisa Liza Pell


Yes, these messages could be for ANYONE, and sometimes for more than just one of you. Spirit works in mysterious and amazing ways!

Tom: Watch your leg, knee and hip. If you are finding that you are straining with a manual labor job, and you are feeling sore, use ice or take a day off. It is VERY important. There is a father figure on the other side. When I say “father figure” I mean someone who could have been a mentor or someone inspiring to you, or “like a father”. He wants you to remember the antique watch or “stop watch” with the gold gears that you are able to see working when you “wind” the watch. You are meant to be in another line of work, something a bit more relaxing and creative, but connected to a business. It’s time now to move forward. Your health will become alive again. Also, you need a new pair of workboots and/or dress shoes! I would say both!

Bessie from the other side is giving a BIG SMILE to her granddaughter who she only knew when she was a very young girl. She wants to give a congratulations for the upcoming “nuptials” (this is HER word) and engagement party. She will be there, and loves you both. Children are on the way, possibly two! And a boy!

Clara and/or Carol. Time to close up shop and get that vacation home on the water. And you may be saying, “how will I afford THAT?” Well my dear like some fairy dust sprinkled on you, you will be magically at the right place and it will be the right time. You will possibly rent first and then fllllooowwww into it being ALL YOURS!! You have a knee issue, fluid too. Best to get that looked at. Hmmm, don’t know why I’m getting this, but, get rid of the vending machines???!! 

Sal or Salvatore…oh nelly. You are barking up the wrong tree, or the dog is barking at the tree that needs to come down!! LOL. This spirit is very funny and speaks in puzzles. I think it’s grandpop (I was going to write grandPA and he corrected me, it’s POP!) He loved crossword puzzles and dirty, old, strong black coffee that really noone else would ever drink. And I must say this wasn’t HOT coffee. It’s was gross tasting and cold, and he liked it that way! He says you’re acting SILLY, calling you a SILLY PIE, and asking why are you worrying??? All is better than you think. He is mentioning a Carolyn or Caroline.

Midge, get a new hairstyle already!! You had the same one since 1972 girl!! From your husband on the other side!

Sarah with an AH. I am getting a very happy mother on the other side, who is showing me Jewish symbols. She was very devoted to her faith and to Temple. She wants you, her daughter, to get back to your faith, and mentioning reading the “small scrolls”, (I’m not sure what that means). Also she remembers you learning Hebrew at a young age and reading the Torah in front of a lot of people. You were very impressive with language even at a young age. She is SURE that if you get back to your faith you will see people that will put a smile on your face and you will feel better, and “back on track”. She is saying there is someone VERY important for you to meet there, and this person has golden light around them. You are supposed to receive a gift of a “golden connection”!

Frank, for god sakes, get off your A&%!! 

Betty is coming through from the other side with the gift of a cranberry walnut poundcake ??? Wow this looks good!! She says, she left the recipe, so make it along with that Zucchini Bread! I could smell her baking!! So good, OH and she said you need the ripe and sour apples 🙂 Happy Baking!!


Ok that’s all for now 🙂

Can’t wait to hear about all the love stories, proposals and surprise meetings this month!!




Thank you for reading and I will be posting more inspirational content on my facebook page and my twitter page: @marisapell!

Have a wonderful new energy January 2013!

Marisa Liza Pell

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