February Inspirational & Mini Messages from Medium Marisa Liza Pell

pablo1February 2017 Inspirational Message 

From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

I know it’s the last day of February, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a monthly message! The time is right now and we are finally clear from all the abrupt energies this recent eclipse brought us. If you feel many things have fallen away during the months of January and February, congratulations! You are right where you need to be.
You are most likely to see these transitions in the sectors of career and finance. Some of you may have had well laid plans for where you were headed and what you planned to do this year. February threw many of you a curve ball. Basically, this month had you knocking on doors that just did not budge. These may have been connections and projects that in 2016 flowed quite easily and you. You were hoping things would not only continue in 2017, but multiply on that same road.
It is often very easy for us to accept the things that have fallen away that we know deep down did not serve us. It comes as a welcome relief that the universe would release from us those ties that we couldn’t bring ourselves to finalize. However, when the plans we were excited about changed course and we had no other director, we may not have been quite as accepting.
This eclipse is asking you to look deep within. You do not need an entire career change, but you do need to look into new directions along the same energy lines. If you really went within, you would access hopes and dreams unfulfilled. You would become aware of projects, passions and especially procrastinations of dreams you have put aside. Maybe you had to put them aside to build what you have now. The key word here is time. In the past ten years, you may have put these dreams on the back burner to build a family, home, relationship, or even a solid foundation for your job.
This month’s eclipse brought us back to decisions we made in 1999, and asks us to rethink our pathways. In 2016, we were able to still force pathways that no longer served us. We were still allowed to keep those doors open for lessons we needed to learn. We had the ability to basically stall our forward progress. Some of you may have seen great success over choices you made in 2016. Just because some of those results have been positive, it may not mean that is where you are meant to be in 2017.
2017 is a SOUL purpose year. It is a year where you are being called to go to your core and realize what you have been called to do in this life. You may have remembered these dreams or goals as a child. They may seem a little far fetched now, or maybe a little fear of failure is holding you back. When moving in this new direction ALONG THE SAME LINE, you are breaking new ground. That means taking new steps which may seem unsure.
As I’ve said earlier, you are not changing directions entirely. The changes will mostly likely be in your same field of expertise. However, completely different actions need to be taken to get there. If you look back at the past two months, you may have felt in limbo. No matter what you did, and no matter how hard you tried, things were just stalled. And a lot of you may have interpreted this as merely a stall. You either decided to wait it out, or you pushed harder (which led to the same results). You felt as if you were kept on a string, waiting and waiting for the universe to set the stones in place. It would make sense that you would think this would be the case, because in 2016, this limbo was always followed by movement.
Not this year. We would not be using the energies properly if we just waited this limbo out. If you decide to keep pushing, you will just keep beating on doors that are closed and will eventually collect cobwebs. If you are on the path of elevating your frequency and doing your personal growth work, every nine to ten years you will see this pattern emerge. And sometimes this happens not just with things that are negative in your life! You may see this with those paths you see as positive. Right now, you may think you are sure of your path and what you want for yourself. But the universe has other plans and you must look deeper.
There is a path of higher purpose and you already have the answers within you to know the next steps. They have been there all along. This path may not feed the goals for the ego in the way you expected. However, if you change course within your specialized work, you will find that this change not only could reach more people, but will deeply inspire them as well. Your own small plans really don’t mean much in light of what your true purpose is. Ask yourself this question… What would the universe have you do that would deeply help others in their paths of transformation?
Your career path does not have to be in the holistic, healing or metaphysical arts for the above question to be answers. You can still aid in the collective transformation process in areas such a law, medicine and finance. How are you being called to serve? 
For now, let go of those things that are just not working. Detach. Stop trying to open doors that may be closed. Just change direction and then you will start to see movement. This isn’t a change in the forest, it’s just a new pathway among the same trees. If you just reroute your course, you will start to see sunshine and movement and will invariably come upon some interesting surprises!
Happy Coming Of Spring!
February Mini Messages
Every time I write the mini messages, I tune in to whomever would like to talk. Because there’s so many people all at once, they seem to fight for my attention! Please know that just because you may not have seen a mini message for you does not mean your loved ones can’t bring you a sign! Simply talk to them and tell them what type of sign you’d like to see and see how creative they get!
Steven – This is a message for a Steven or Steve (they are correcting me and telling me the correct spelling is StePHEN). So whoever is coming through right now is a little meticulous when it comes to details. They are mentioning old coffee cans that they used to have lined up in their shed with old rusty nails in them! Maxwell ones they are saying. This is definitely an older male who is pointing to his throat. There may have been a surgery which caused an issue with his speech or even a tracheotomy during a older surgery or procedure. I see some sort of scar or incision (but minor) on his throat. He is asking you StePHEN, to make sure your finances are in order and you are making LISTS on yellow paper of what you need to do next. He is saying your worry and fear are getting the best of you, but you cannot stop now. It’s time to keep moving forward, because you do not want to miss your window of opportunity that is right around the corner. He is referencing the week of May 16th specifically or that date. He’s also saying don’t look at this messages and rationalize it that is isn’t meant for you! LOL
Nancy – Those on the other side are pointing to your ear. You either need to get this checked as it is tinnitus you have been struggling with for years, or an infection that has been lingering around. They are telling me that you have been through many tests, and even to a neurologist, but they are saying that everyone is making things WAY too complicated. This woman on the other side is confirming that you have a latent infection deep in the inner ear that with the right “drops” or antibiotics could be cleared up quickly! She is saying that the dizziness will subside!
Jack – Your mother on the other side is very excited for the celebration you will be having and would also like you remember her as well. She is asking for coral carnations, not sure why! I think she planted them herself. She is also telling you you need some new reading glasses, as you are having trouble with your eyes and night vision. She is mentioning your lower back and to be careful when picking up heavy things. Do you have a back brace you are supposed to be wearing? She is mentioning a small diamond pendant necklace with one pearl in the middle as something that was significant to her. It looks antique in some way and may have belonged to someone that gave it to her (maybe her grandmother?). She is saying that John is with her also and everyone is very happy!
Minoorva or Mineera/Mineena. I think the correct spelling of this name is MINERVA. I can’t make this name out. You have ancestors of regal or royal descent coming through wearing blue royal attire. They are very proud of your recent accomplishments. There is someone in the family who is very successful in medicine. You are about to embark on an amazing and also challenging journey and they are behind you. They are mentioning world travel and also medical research. You are about to make some great strides for the good of humanity!
Jason. Wow! You are really off path. Your grandfather on the other side is extremely disappointed in the path that you are currently on. He is mentioning court papers connected to you. He is saying he didn’t raise you to be this way, and that he always had high hopes and dreams for you. He is mentioning the paper route you had as a kid and how hard you worked. He is also mentioning a Kathy or Katherine that is with him. Part of your journey is to be a father, but not as you are now. You must give your child all the things you didn’t think you received. You must turn around and take a look at your life and see what the future will look like should you continue on this destructive path. He is also emphasizing the name FRANK and yelling it loudly. If I were you, I would listen to GRAN POP! He is saying that’s how some people said it!
Ok that’s all the mini messages for this month!
Stay tuned for March!
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