February Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

February Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


I hope everyone is having a wonderful snow filled day because there is MORE coming!! Also, another Mercury Rx is on the horizon! If you are unaware of the effects of Mercury Retrograde, please see a description and link here from Astrologer Kelly Surtees.

Right now, a lot could get lost in the shuffle. If you’ve made headway in any life areas in January, make sure to use some action to follow up, follow up and do more follow ups! People may be a bit scattered, especially with personal dilemmas over the course of the month. So while you may want to wait, you don’t want to push things off too far. I would recommend following up THIS WEEK with any business, personal or health related things so nothing gets lost in the shuffle and you aren’t waiting too long.

It will be easy to let things slide because of the energy being a little distracting and it may not “feel” like the right time to move things along. Of course there will be delays during this time, but you still have to keep slowly nudging things forward. You don’t want to let things sit there for a month and then get back to business in March. Always “stay in the game”, as one of my friends always says. Even if it’s a small energetic step, keep it moving. So many times we have that “all or nothing” mentality, and it won’t serve you this month. Be ok with making small steps, because once the energy opens up, as it will, in March, you will be prepared to go. And you know what they say: success is most likely to happen when preparation meets opportunity. You don’t want to stall all of February because you feel a little tired, or not as motivated, and stand still..only to find opportunities open up in March and find you are not prepared. Keep moving things along now.

As far as PERSPECTIVE goes, keep everything reeled in. With the energies swirling around us, the weather and the appearance of a reverse motion with the planetary aspects, it will be EASY to see things slightly off track. And frustration and emotions are likely to get on that track and create some messes for you that are going to be annoying to clean up. Try to let things ride and the best suggestion I would have at this time is to let things roll of your back, and stay centered. The quieter you become, the more content you will be. You will see others fit and flair about, but you don’t have to. You could choose to stay out of the mix. Then, watch as the dust settles and you are the one sitting pretty! Don’t let things rile you up this month, because most likely they will be occurring out of a slight shift in perspective that is indeed inaccurate.

When I say keep moving, I don’t mean “pushing” your energy forward. Let things flow and make your appearance known here and there. Then quickly move along. Try not to push things that you don’t see moving as fast enough as you would like. Just keep adding coins to your piggy bank and don’t worry about collecting or counting! That’s the best analogy I have for you about this month. Hopefully, you see what I’m saying.

Stay quiet this month, and you will be content.

Did you miss the Friday webcast this week? If so, here it is. You may find some interesting insights here moving forward!

Medium Marisa Liza Pell: Friday Webcast: **Your Weekly Reading**!!
Medium Marisa Liza Pell: Friday Webcast: **Your Weekly Reading**!!

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Now onto your favorite part, The ** Mini Messages From Spirit**!

Erin & Claire/Clara: I believe you are in the cosmetic/hair/fashion industry and someone is mentioning “Mom” from the other side and saying “Be sure to take care of her honey.” You have a golden retriever there, perhaps “Bubba” letting you know he is all well and good and mentioning the fluffy rug he used to hang out on ALL THE TIME. The name Martin, first or last name is connecting to me and also the names Chuck, Charles, Chickie, and Marie. I believe this is a male on the other side, maybe your dad, wanting to let you know to make sure your mom is walking ok. He is saying her leg is bothering her, and to make sure she is comfortable. He is calling her a VERY STUBBORN woman and he is making me feel as if you two definitely lock heads from time to time. Something about an issue with Christmas trees is coming up, and that your mother living does not like Christmas or Christmas trees and there was an argument this year over it. He is making me feel you put one up anyway as well as the special ornament you wanted on the tree. You are having a little anxiety lately for some reason and can’t figure out why. Dad is saying that it’s because you feel him around you and he’s trying to get a message to you about mom!! The best thing to do would be to go and get her her yearly physical and her eye glass subscription checked. He is very proud of you and saying something funny about you liking “Jelly Beans” for decoration??!!! (Meaning you don’t eat them, but you like watching others do it!!) That’s funny!

Gus/Gustof/Gustov: This is a very grumpy man from the other side and he is definitely passed on, with a very thick accent and a heavy mustache. There is the name Russ and Mario connected living or passed. For some reason I don’t feel this man is immediately related to these people but was such a good friend of the family, that you would consider him “Uncle Gus”. He keeps bringing up something about a lawn/garden hose and how you really need to keep your backyard in order. Especially the hose. He was very neat and tidy. Was he your neighbor? He is definitely around your property and letting you know that you are overdue this spring on your landscaping and to take care of your yard! Also, he is referencing someone in the garbage business. Or something about leaving the garbage out, or garbage day and the specific bins. Red and Blue he says, red and blue. Donnie or Donald is also a connection and remember they can be living or past connections.

Larry: Uncle Larry, Dad and Uncles. Did you have a baby and name him (first or middle) in honor of Larry? I feel there is a Larry living too as well as a Jean. There is also a Mildred connection present and an Elaine. Larry is a man of few words, so he’s not too talkative, but I do smell STRONG black shoe polish when I am connecting. This would be a strong signature scent in his home. I also see mass cards that he used to keep in a drawer and his older rosary beads. Does someone have them? In any event, he wants you to know he is overseeing what is going on in the family and he knows there are some trouble spots. He is there helping you get through this difficult time and he keeps saying to “Press On”, and during the Summer months you will see some relief.

Lori/Laura: Are you thinking about getting your daughter’s ears pierced. Grandma gives her blessing!! She says its ok to do!

Donna: Boy oh boy. You are a character. Remember temperance, patience and kindness. You are moving very fast. Slow down. Your expectations will precede you, be sure to keep your heart safe, so that your mind could remain at ease.

Ok that’s all for today’s messages!! Keep checking in and tuning into our youtube channel for readings on Fridays and at times video mini messages!

Have a wonderful day with my light filled blessings!


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