Februrary 2018 Inspirational & Mini Messages


Wow! Do you have your head spinning wondering when this time of transition for you will end? It seems as if you take care of one thing and another pops up – leading you to total exhaustion!

The good news is that you’re healing! This is not only on the physical level but on ALL multidimensional levels! So often, we spend our time on the externals. If our physical health is ok, and we are financially sound, it seems all is good in the world. However, we can only put off dealing with our INNER healing for so long.

So many of us play out repeating patterns. These stem all the way back to events we are trying to recreate and fix from when we were young. Many of these events are related to our early family life. Because some of these events contain powerful emotions, we convince ourselves that we have indeed “moved on” and the past is the past. We look at our early life as merely an element of our life story. We tell ourselves that as long as we are doing well today, there is really no need to revisit those old memories or feelings.

Many of us who have had a more painful past will distract ourselves with the externals more heavily. This serves to “pad” ourselves to ensure these feelings and wounds DO NOT surface. There is a subconscious intention to not ever feel that way again. We would rather have control of our life now then feel OUT OF CONTROL. We don’t ever want to feel like we did when we had to endure those painful feelings.

Powerful emotions are not only limited to big events. They could be as simple as a parent who no longer will play with us as children due to depression, or the separation of our parents, or moving somewhere quickly when we felt settled with our home and friends. Of course there are those with deeper family issues and dynamics, but know that what you may minimize as not a big deal could be playing out as a repetitive pattern in your adult life.

Most often this unresolved energy manifests as emotional triggers in our relationships with other people. We find it to be most intense in our romantic relationships, although we can also attract bosses and friends who will also play out these dramas. It’s easy to look at our life and blame other people for our pain, in whatever situation we find ourselves in. However, it is only when we realize we are responsible for our choices, and we elect to look at OURSELVES, do we really make headway with our new choices. This is when we finally face freedom and have the opportunity for real happiness and fulfillment.

So many times we can look back at our past relationships and have resentment and anger for the pain that was “caused”. However, we need to realize we are playing out a very specific pattern. If we look back it might be very clear that the dots have many connected elements. What we don’t realize is that on some level, the anger and resentment is towards ourselves for making the choices we made. Because we cannot comprehend why, and/or have no solution to the pattern, it becomes too painful to look at ourselves in these matters so we continue to distract ourselves.

The reason you are experiencing inner turmoil at this time is because we have hit some powerful energies with the recent lunar eclipse and spiritual doorways that are opening. There is no option now but to face what is coming up. If we try to hold it back, put it down, or not feel it, it will only be more painful to experience. Those with powerful addictive tendencies may find this time particularly difficult. They need to be very careful. Normally, they are able to “numb” out and have a pattern by which they are able to medicate these feelings away.

However, during this time these raw feelings and emotions will not have an outlet (or a way to be dismissed). They are now more powerful than any distraction or numbing option that is brought to them. If you do not face them, feel them and heal them, you will feel overcome with an intense inner unsettledness until those emotions come out. Remember – while this may not feel good, (and in many ways will be very intense) this is the only way out. Sometimes we would rather hold on to our anger and resentment because it serves us in some way. It protects us from any present or future issue we felt we were unable to fight before.

While this has served you in the past, it will do nothing moving ahead to serve your goal of overall happiness and peace. You will need this as you move towards fulfilling your life and soul purpose.

More on this topic as we move into the new energy in March!

As for now, move ahead with courage and purpose and stay focused!



February Mini Messages From The Other Side:

Ralph/Ralphie: Your father is coming through telling you his “shoes are shined” or you will be going to an event soon in which you should really get new shoes (or get them shined!) He is also showing me his really amazing cufflinks and was proud of his collection. This man was very dapper and well put together! He is also making me feel you are coming into a time of recognition and success! He wants to remind you to stay humble as you move towards this next level in your life, and to always remain grounded. Do not get ahead of yourself and you will stay there.

Bert/Bertie: I feel this is a nickname for someone as this wasn’t their real name. The person coming through has a very quirky and witty personality and always had a gentle spirit. I do feel this is an older female. She is reminding daughter and son who are still here to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life. She is saying they are getting caught up with a family drama right now that will not be solved for some time. She just keeps showing me a merry go round to illustrate this and the feeling that this type of situation seems to rear itself every few years.

Luke: He is ok and happy. There is a dog next to him that was very close to him in life. He is wearing his leather riding boots and having an “grand ol’ time”. Something about being in the country or around nature made him very happy.

Val/Valerie: You have made much headway in the last three years and those on the other side are very proud of you. You have your grandparents here and some aunts and uncles you were very close to. They are telling me you have a very close knit and LOUD family lol! They are all cheering you on and mentioning Florida as more of a permanent residence for you. They would rather you stay there then move again. There is also the possibility of another child, but your money conscious grandma is saying “make sure you balance your checkbook and know how much it’s gonna cost!” She wants you to be prepared if you are going to expand your family, and not give way to your little “spending sprees!”

Doug/Douglass: I am being made very aware that this person they call “Doug” definitely has two S’s in his name and he is always very particular about his spelling. He even gets mad when work associates continue to spell it incorrectly. This is connected to a wonderful memory with his mother and how close they were

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