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Check out this interview with Medium Marisa Liza Pell who will be at Mission Yoga this Friday, March 7th, for a Connection Beyond Gallery!

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Interview: Marisa Liza Pell

By John Mandarano

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Medium and Medical Intuitive Marisa Liza Pell and discuss her unusual talents, her career, and what it’s like to talk to the other side.  

J:  When did you realize you had the ability to communicate with the other side and when did you know this was your calling?

M:  I’ve always had some sort of ability since I was a little kid, but I didn’t know it. Back then, you know, when I was younger there weren’t celebrity mediums. There was nowhere I could go and say “Hey, I have these things going on, what does this mean?” All we really had was the term psychic, which encompassed everything. It wasn’t until I started watching the mediumship shows that I realized “I have what he has.” I found out halfway through my career that was what I was doing and I had no idea.

I found out I was a medium through a missing persons case. I had a medium call me and she said “I can’t figure out if this kid has passed for these detectives, can you help me out with some psychic work?” I found out I was connecting with the spirit of someone. I got the name of the street he was found on and the number of days before he was found. After that was all done, I felt like it was different because I felt like I had gotten to connect to this personality and get a sense of who he was.

I think that’s when I realized there was a third entity there. I didn’t sleep for about a month. I just told him “If we’re going to do this, don’t appear to me at the end of my bed at three o’clock in the morning. Come to me in my thoughts and let’s see how it goes from there.

I’ve had a lot of spiritual experiences since I was a kid. It will take me a while to get into that. I guess I just thought a lot of people could do what I do. Do you know what I mean? I guess I thought everyone could do this because it wasn’t like anything you see in the movies. It wasn’t scary. I looked back on my readings over the years and I realized I was connecting to people who passed all the time. I didn’t have anyone to tell me. I was actually trained by the other side.

J:  So, how do the spirits communicate with you?

M:  The spirits communicate in one of three ways. Either clairvoyantly, which is clear seeing, clairaudiently, which is through thought or mental impression, or physically. What I do is basically take all those little blips of information and interpret them.

Sometimes they’ll show me an apple. On average that means teacher, but it could mean that your grandmother loved baking apple pie and that’s her way of talking about it. You have to come up with different interpretations of what they mean because every spirit will communicate differently. It’s not like someone calling you on the phone and you get a complete sentence and you know exactly what they’re saying.

Mediumship is very analytical, not just other-wordly. You have to be able to interpret and analyze various symbols, feelings, and impressions.

J:  Is the difference between your everyday train of thought and the mediumship? Is there a feeling of being communicated with?

M:  It’s more like a light switch. From having been doing it for so long, I either turn it on or shut it off. Now, have there been times when someone really needed to get through? Yes. Then I get so distracted I can’t even talk to the person in front of me. I know someone is here and I have to deal with it. But normally I don’t communicate in my off time.

J:  How did you actually develop your skills?

M:  Like I said, I learned from them. It’s like anything: practice. I had to keep learning from trial and error what things meant.  Learning that, on average, if I saw a birthday cake uncut, it meant there was a birthday coming.  If there was a piece cut out of it, I knew the birthday had already passed. You get to know what certain things mean.  But sometimes, they’ll show you things to creatively get you to say things that don’t mean what they’re showing you. For instance, one lady came through and she was showing me the Mcdonald’s logo. And I’m asking the client, “Do you eat fast food? Do you go to the drive thru? Do you like hamburgers?” I just keep trying to figure it out and she’s  like “No, No, No.” Finally, after 20 minutes of not being able to understand, I say “I don’t know lady, they’re showing me a Mcdonald’s,” and she starts bawling-crying. I asked her why and she said that was her mother’s maiden name.  

They know that when they give me a word it’s harder for me to hear, but if they show me an image I can get it clearly and then work on figuring out what it means.

J:  Have you had any frightening experiences doing this kind of work?

M:  I would say… Yeah. I tend to keep myself focused on communicating with loved ones who have passed away. There are a lot of sectors of this business. There’s the paranormal investigator sector, the psychic detective sector, missing persons, there are people who connect with beings that are not of this world. Not everything in this business is of the light. There’s a lot of dark stuff out there. I try to keep myself shielded and safe. It’s very difficult for me to get involved in anything that’s negative.

I have gone into a lot of houses that were supposedly haunted. I try to team up with paranormal investigative teams. But my body reacts very strongly. It’s hard for me to be in houses that have activity for too long. Ten minutes and I’m already getting a headache and feeling spacey.

J:  Do most homes of a certain age have some kind of activity?

M:  Well, either the homes have a certain energy themselves, which is just as great. Some hauntings are great. People think hauntings: bad, scary. But some hauntings are happy. There are parties that still go on there. There’s excitement. So, you might go into a place and feel great because it’s haunted.

Recently, I did have something scary happen though. I was doing a haunted house tour for a historic preservation group. This place was a lodge from the 1700s and people who ran ghost tours in Philadelphia had purchased it. When I went through the house for the first time I had a really scary thing happen. I didn’t know anything about the history- I don’t like to know anything going in because I don’t want to be biased. So I went upstairs and I was walking through the hallway when all of a sudden I felt something grab my chest and I felt my breath get taken away. I actually had to leave the premises to catch my breath. I had this sensation of physical tightness, like someone having heart problems. After the fact they told me that the previous owner had a heart attack. That’s how he died. He had a heart attack right in that hallway. And I physically had felt it. I did some research and found out that the day before had been the anniversary of his death.

J:  So, what you’re doing isn’t only for entertainment. You’re trying not only to help the living, but also the dead.

M:  That’s why I’m a medium. I’m an intermediary between this world and the next. Sometimes the person who’s sitting here need more help than the person who’s crossed over. Other times it has nothing to do with that person who’s living and it has to do with the spirit moving on.

J:  When you started, you called yourself psychic. You believed you were receiving information from other people, from the living.

M:  But now I hate that word.

J: You do hate that word?

M:  Yeah. I do not like to be called a psychic.

J:  Is that because you are not one?

M:  No… Every medium has psychic abilities. They have to. In order to receive psychic impressions: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience– that’s psychic ability.

J:  But you’re tuned in to a particular type of people who are transmitting?

M:  Well, whether that’s on the earth plane or in a fifth dimension, it’s still transmission  or psychic ability. But the problem that I have with the word is that people associate it with future prediction. I don’t like the fact that people will see that word and say “Oh, well she’ll predict my future.”

I like to tell people I’m a medium and leave it at that. I call it a general intuitive reading. I give them information, a lot of information, and I let them do with it what they will. But I always tell them that they are in control.

J:  Does anyone else in your family have similar gifts?

M:  Yeah. Both sides. I was adopted and met everyone when I was 26. They all lived in the same town, in a five mile radius. I actually ran into them several times and didn’t know. When I asked, I found out it was very, very strong on both sides.

J:  You also do work as a medical intuitive. Is that connected to your mediumship or is it a different sort of skill that you have?

M:  My intuition is an application of the ability. It could be that a spirit shows me a clairvoyant image of someone’s medical condition, or if I’m meeting a person who’s still here I can view into that person. There may be a heaviness or lightness around certain parts of the body or I can hear words. So, it’s an application.

I was always interested in medicine, and, in fact when I met up with my biological relatives I found out several were doctors. So, medicine runs in my family. I have a very strong interest in integrative and holistic medicine and I’ve gone through my own stuff where I had to learn all of this, and this has helped me heal. The thing about medical intuition is it isn’t only about the physical. It’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychic. A spiritual illness can manifest in the physical body. Emotionally, if you’re depressed it can manifest physically. so, we want to find out what is at the root of this stuff, because chronic conditions can sometimes be emotional. People could be having the symptom of this situation and if i’m able to see the root of it i’m able to help in that person’s healing. Luckily, I have a lot of integrative physicians I refer out to.

But, I am not a doctor, I have to explain this in your interview: I do not treat. I do not give guidance on any surgeries, medications, or what people should do with taking doctor’s advice. If I find energetic imbalances I will refer to doctors.

J:  You’re also doing a radio show aren’t you, called IntuiDate?

M:  Yes. It’s a fun, light-hearted show. Basically, I get a lot of relationship questions from people. It all boils down to love. And it’s one of my favorite topics. I’ll have my friends on, and a lot of authors, and relationship experts and we have a portion of the show where people can call and ask questions. They get practical insight in the show and the intuitive insight, and that’s why we call it IntuiDate. So, It’s relationship advice with an intuitive twist. People are calling in and they’re getting my intuitive advice and my co-host, CJ Westyn,  he does practical advice.

J:  Where can people catch the radio show?

M: if they’re in the Princeton/Philadelphia/New Jersey area, its 920 AM Princeton, New Jersey.

J:  Can they listen online?

M:  Yes! We have a live stream. It’s Saturdays at 3:00PM, or they can listen anytime, 24/7, to our podcasts.

Visit Marisa on her website Connectionbeyond.com and on her Facebook page

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