January 2008 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

January 2008 Inspirational Message

January 18th, 2008

A Few Words From Marisa Pell for January 2008Image

Do you feel like you’re moving so fast, but keep slamming into a brick wall? Do you feel like you’re in a dream where you’re trying to run but you’re going in slow motion? You’re not alone.

During a season of resolutions, the energy of moving forward seems to pervade so many of us that we often don’t think before we get over our head with to-do lists.

We want things to happen now! We want our dreams to turn into reality! We want to lose weight. We want to find our soulmate. We want it ALL now! And if we are not seeing results, we are prepared to kick down the door!

This is not the time to try to force things to happen. Winter usually don’t happen in the middle of August. This may be the last thing you want to hear, but here’s my solution.

SURRENDER. Yes, that’s what I said! Surrender the situation.. whatever it is..to the universe. Continue on with your everyday responsibilities and put no more energy into thinking about it. Sometimes our energy becomes so focused that we block the manifestation of our desires. Or perhaps the universe has something better in the works for you.

And sometimes, a door remains shut for a reason. Instead of getting out your toolbox to break down the door, walk down the hallway and try to open another door. Break your focus. Now is not the time for over thinking. Give your mind a break, and do something from the other side of your brain. Build something. Rearrange some furniture. Sculpt, paint, or take some pictures.

Just get out of your head, and leave the door shut! Maybe it will open on it’s own when you’re not looking :)



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