January 2011 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

January 2011 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

January 1st, 2011

January 2011 Inspirational Message Plus *Mini Messages* From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


2011 is finally here and boy are we in for a solid ride this year! This year is the year of stability and finance. If things have been rocky for you in various life areas, this year will be a stabilizer for you. It’s as if you’ve been back and forth waiting to see where you fit in 2010. 2011 finds you a very secure place in the world. You are FINALLY in a place and have a strong foundation to see your creations come to life!

The depth at which this happens will be dependent on various factors. Have long have you been tending to your life garden? How many seeds have you planted over the past seven years? If you have been working hard in any area, you are sure to see results from long standing relationships, networking contacts and friends that you have personally built over time. The puzzle piece will fit perfectly, and you will be fully ready to bring your beautiful picture out into the world :)

This is a year of KNOWING WHO YOU ARE. If you have been struggling over the years to figure out where you fit, what you like, or just who you are in the world, this is the year where you will finally be happy with yourself, whether it be health, relationships or a solid career decision.

As I write this, I see fireworks. This means that many of you will be experiencing breakthroughs that are WILD and DAZZLING this year. Your long awaited recognition will come in unexpected ways from those who have been watching you from the sidelines (and you may have not even known it).

My advice for you would be to focus ONLY on putting your best foot forward. Only seek to do best by YOUR BEST standards. Look only to do your best work and be your best, because the people this year who will support you and recognize you will be those that are beyond your radar (whatever that means lol).

It’s really interesting. I am reading this as it’s coming so I am just as excited as you are!! Sometimes, you may think you know your direction. You may THINK you know what’s best for your path. However, I could tell you that this year will bring you the VERY BEST, but it may be totally different than anything you have expected, and frankly it’s going to be EVEN BETTER. The best part is that you this will come without any effort on your part! That’s right, EFFORTLESS. All you need to do is suit up and show up, and if you’ve done right by the universe, especially in the last THREE YEARS, you will see that not only have those who you’ve influenced have remembered you, but they have some pretty amazing opportunities for you.

This is not only in career matters. This is in personal matters as well. Perhaps you have met your soul mate two years ago but the timing was off. Perhaps both of you were in different areas of your life at the time. I could tell you that person REMEMBERED you and both of you will be ready when the timing is right. (I feel this is a personal message to someone who is reading right now — someone connected to an Ann or Anna — there is a Mike reference as well) Or if that’s your name even better. This is pretty cool! Getting messages for specific people as I write!

But anyway, December was very hard for a lot of you. But remember what I said in last month’s message. The universe is making china out of clay! You have to be molded and sculpted to a better you, and sometimes that is VERY uncomfortable. A lot of you may have felt very “down” over the holidays this year. Don’t fret! It is just you knowing that certain things need to change. I’d rather see a new you for 2011!

Now, for those of you that have been stuck in patterns for the past FIVE YEARS (I get a Stephanie here) — remember whatever you grown in the past SEVEN will sprout now. If those things were not positive, you need to take a REALLY GOOD look at yourself and make some extreme changes before January 29th.

So, this is a GREAT time to start a new fitness regimen, diet plan, quit drinking or smoking (for good), and to start to let ANOTHER (whether that be a counselor, mentor, rehab, doctor, and/or twelve step program for addiction related illnesses) help you. Don’t think for one minute that you could do this alone or through your own actions this year. YOU WILL NEED HELP (getting a Tony/Anthony here). Remember what you have grown in the past seven years will prevail — so if you have grown in the opposite direction, you will need the best help you can get to bring you the best year of 2011! If you insist on doing it YOUR WAY, you may not be happy with the results (Getting a Mary, Marie, or Mary Ann here).

Now, just because I get names in some of these areas does not mean that this doesn’t apply to you. This is an inspirational message for all of you. However, I am getting those names for the purpose of driving the point home to those mentioned. Here are some other January Messages. This is strange. In all the years prior, this hasn’t come up to do! But you know me, going with the flow!!

Robert/Bob: Get your car fixed. You need new tires and you are procrastinating.

Leslie: It’s the milk that’s bothering your stomach. Reduce dairy.

Grace: This is someone from the other side saying hello and happy birthday to a loved one. The number 21 is also coming up here. Either the 21st of the month or February 1st. It could even be a 21st birthday.

Wendy: Stop with the fast food. (hahahhaha How funny is this one?? Wendy, fast food?? Hilarious)

I’m now hearing the song: John, Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (oh wow how do you spell that)?? His name is my name too!!

Rita: You are working too hard. If your ears hurt you, please go to the doctor. Also, people may not be saying good things about you. Rethink how you come off to others. Any resolutions may be helpful this year.

Elise: Overhaul.

Jim/James: You’re not thinking clearly. Stop thinking with the wrong head (hahahhahahha THIS ONE IS HILARIOUS!!)

Donna: Oh my. Get rid of that jerk now!! He is not trustworthy. And that other guy you like. Bad choice too. You need to see someone about the men you pick!!

Glenda: I am getting a message of a china or fine porcelain set from someone on the other side. The woman’s name could be Glenda, and she is referencing a Lynn or Linda connection.

James/Jamie: Time to get back on your mountain bike!

Tori/ Toury: Get back to your creative writing. Something is sure to take off and be published this year.

Gina: You know what to do. What are you waiting for? Get that fur lined coat you want (the black one — and yes the expensive one)

Joe: Get that athlete’s foot taken care of!

Maurice: Cut your hair. It is not flattering

Bess/Bessie: This is lady from the other side telling her granddaughter ” You are not alone. I’m here and we will get through this”. Someone is currently ill in the family and she is watching over them.

J.J. – Stop drinking and driving.

Mubby/Bubby (not sure of this name): It could be a pet?? Someone needs help with their sinuses

Lucy: This is someone’s grandmother from the other side. The message: You are going to make yourself sick worrying all the time. Do something independent of work that you like. Make time for it. It is work related, but it will bring you joy. Invest your time and see great things happen!

Mubby/Bubby: This is still coming through. Something about vinyl records/victrola, and the handwritten letter.

Sue: My dear! You need to make some changes. Eat more! Someone on other side is watching your daughter closely. Watch your knees.

Someone with the last name Higgenbottom (or something that sounds like that). Anyone who is partying around you, or if you are, please be careful. You are doing too many things in excess, slow down!

Joyce: Just saying hello!!

Greta & Grace: two ladies on the other side laughing saying that are not with their husbands on the other because they are having too much fun, plus they don’t want to watch them play cards and smoke cigars any more.

Louis: A man from the other side says “I love and miss you.”

Ok, I have appointments today!!  I would love to keep doing this as it is very interesting!!

Have a magical 2011!!

All my best wishes to you and your family for the New Year!


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