January 2012 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

January 2012 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Pell

January 25th, 2012

January Inspirational Message & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Well, here we are in the New Year, and many of you may have had a tough transition over the last few weeks. Stressful life events, or just internal struggles may have been on the forefront.  Just know that as of this week, things are starting to turn around, and “go back to normal” so to speak. There has been a huge shift with many of you, and while some of you may have been uncomfortable, the shifts were necessary and “fortunate”. This is positive whether you see them as “good” or “bad”. If you are looking for direct answers or a guarantee of how things will play out for you this year, think again. Because even your best carefully laid plans could turn into new directions. The more you go with the flow, and live one day at a time, the better.  So many of us are shifting right now that people’s free will choices will be determining a lot of different directions, and as such, even psychic predictions could be very off.

I wanted to write about this a bit as it has been becoming clear over the past year that dependencies on psychic readings and channeled information could indeed be detrimental to your pathway. Especially if you let the information influence you in your life decisions. If you are an overly anxious person, readings can also put you in a state of fear and worry, which can overtake you. This is not the purpose of receiving the information, nor is it meant to put you into this state of mind.

First, lets explore the term “psychic”. In a raw sense, psychic ability relates to various ways of receiving information, which can come in the form of clairvoyant visions, clairaudience (or clear hearing) or clairsentience (clear sensing), to name a few.  In general, we may hear the word psychic, or see a sign for a psychic reading, and think, “future prediction”.  Some of us may be so anxious over a situation that going to a psychic or the idea of a “definite outcome” will provide us with some false sense of control or “padding” against an intended outcome.  What state of mind are you going to get a reading in? Are you going for fun, for spiritual insight, or because you in a state of feeling “out of control”? I can tell you that a very high percentage of people would be going to get a reading out of a state of desperation, because of the lack of feeling in control, or feeling an intense need for  a sense of peace. Many may come for career and even more for relationship questions.

Being in this field myself, I can say that I have done and experienced all of those things, and having that “out of control” feeling sometimes puts me in a state of mind where I want some relief and I want it fast! And from seeing how outward influences can really have an after effect on our actions and emotions, it’s important to clarify what is really at the heart of the matter.

First and foremost, intuitive insights, both your own and those close to you, are a gift to be accessed as a GUIDE to your life, not as a guarantee of an outcome. It is also important to note that these intuitive “hits” filter through our personalities, emotions, and ideas of how we process our own thoughts. Even the best objective reader may interpret visions or auditory messages differently than the insight was intended.  But that isn’t really the point. The main question is: what (or whom) are you DEPENDING on? Most of the time we are looking for outside circumstances to change, and believe that if these external issues were the way we wanted them, then we would be happy.  If you look back on your life, think about those things that you wanted to happen, i.e. getting the good job, stabilizing your finances, creating a happy home, and being in a relationship. Think about how bad you wanted one or more of those things to happen. And now think about what happened a few months, or even a year after you “acquired” those things? Were you still unsettled? Was it “enough”, or did you want something “more”?

It’s probably obvious where I am going with this. When any of us depend on outside circumstances to “make us happy or whole”, we are really putting dependence on OTHER PEOPLE and NOT GOD. Usually, when we have darkness in our spirit, we feel unfulfilled, and no amount of acquirement will lead to us feeling satisfied. Something will always seem “off” and we want to get out of ourselves. Some of us may resort to bad habits, be it overeating, drugs, alcohol, self pity, worry, fear, anxiety or depression to help us cope with the feeling of “not feeling right”, or being bored, unsettled and not comfortable in our own skin.

This is not an easy concept. Many of us will veer along the path and go back to our sources of external satisfaction, but they will be fleeting and the instant gratification of the moment of comfort will not be enough to settle us inside. Therefore, no amount of psychic readings, insight, or spiritual guidance will ever be enough.  It’s imperative to see that our inner temple needs to be bright in order to radiate that vibration outward, thereby attracting those people, places and situations that will be in line with our current vibration. This will provide us with the current spiritual lessons we need to experience. When self esteem is sought outside of you, the emptiness will always remain. No amount of reassurance will do the trick and relief will only be fleeting.

So some of you may still be asking, well what about my reading? Someone told me I would meet the man of my dreams in 2011 and it hasn’t happened! What gives??? Well remember, the reader is seeing a pathway, or a possibility. If life was just a series of destined points, then we would be basically riding on amusement park rides that were all predetermined and had the same drops and curves from beginning to end.  If the track were that simple, why then would we come to the earth plane with free will to determine our choices for spiritual growth? Sure, there is no doubt that a psychic may see a guide post and/or even a life event, but to expect that you have to do nothing but sit back and let it occur will only leave you feeling confused. Let’s for instance say that you got a reading and you would really like to meet someone special. You sit down and the psychic tells you that you will meet a handsome man with dark hair in the spring of that same year. You get excited, almost elated, feeling like your problems have all been solved. You leave the reading feeling great for the moment and go home and tell your friends and family about this exciting prediction. Over the course of the year, you get invited to social functions, birthday parties, get asked to go out with friends, but you’re not interested. You like staying home, watching tv, reading and aren’t much of the social butterfly.  You may think, “no need for all this! I’m going to meet the perfect man in just a few months!”

Well, what happens? The spring comes and goes, and you’re confused as to why you haven’t been out on on a date, and where is this handsome man? Well, what about YOU? Life events occurred and you stayed home, missing out on possibly meeting that special person. You depended on the outcome and took no responsibility for your personal action. Months go by and now you’re angry at that psychic!!! How could that reader give you hope of that man only for it not to be true??? Then the blame shifts again to another person, and you are still not seeing the growth that needs to be accomplished in you. We only get out of life what we put in, and the truth is that opportunities are presented to us every day for new experiences that can lead to new pathways. What happens, WE BECOME LAZY, and say there will be ANOTHER EXPERIENCE, WE COULD DO IT TOMORROW, and/or ITS JUST NOT SOMETHING WE WANT TO DO.

We are now a culture of people with a lot of missed life experiences and opportunities and sooner or later, the years pass and we wonder why things haven’t changed. We may even hold out for a prediction to come to pass, and not change circumstances due to the outcome we had hoped for. Of course the above example is one in theory. There are many other circumstances that we could discuss. And of course, it is a possibility, that YES the reader may be totally off.  However, usually the difference is in the analytical interpretation of information filtered through the personal consciousness of the person.

This is why I love mediumship. The information that comes through in many cases are validations of those who were with us. This is for the pure purpose of showing that our loved ones ARE still with us, watching our life events and still very much have an INPUT in our life decisions. Now, let me ask you this: If your loved one was still on the earth plane and they gave you advice on a situation, would you stress over not doing what they said? Probably not, you would take the opinion, process it and use it to guide you to make your own decisions. Most of you wouldn’t listen at all if you really wanted to do something. So why so much stress over a relative from the other side mentioning their opinion about your job, relationship or life situation? Remember, in mediumship, the medium is merely relaying a message from the third person in spirit from the other side.  Sometimes the person may say, “Well the medium said this.” The medium, (him or her) technically did “say” the words, but the messages are coming from another source, which are filtered and relayed.  This is MUCH different from psychic readings, where you have TWO parties exchanging energy on the earth plane.

In either case, I think it’s important to evaluate where YOU are, and how much you may or may not put complete dependence on outside circumstances, opinions, readings or other people’s ideas of what you “should be” or “should do”. If you are having a great day, and someone says something off color, or you get a reading with information that you consider “not good”, will that totally throw you off for the day, or for weeks or months? If you have experienced this, it’s really important that it clicks for you and that you first identify that this could be VERY detrimental to your personal spiritual path.  It may be best that you reel your energy in and start to re-focus. Because if you are having this experience with readings, you are probably allowing a lot of other outside circumstances to sway you without even knowing it. So what do you do?

First, put a HALT to those things that are influencing you for the moment. Remember that the people around you may absolutely be correct in their advice, however, that may help you in one decision, but won’t be helpful in the long run for a feeling of overall peace and contentment. You gain self esteem by doing things “of esteem”, and the more you start to make your own decisions, and OWN THEM, (yes even if they are incorrect), you will find that making decisions isn’t really that bad. So what if you find you made a choice that isn’t serving you best, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE it, and once you see that, you will not be afraid to be wrong anyone. You will not procrastinate as much, and you will find it easier to take productive risks and move to a better way of living.

Second, after you pause, think about your connection to God, a higher power, a spiritual pathway, acts of service (because they get you out of self), and pathways of action and accountability. Usually spiritual centers have mentors. If you are a member of your church, you may be able to contact clergy. You may have a spiritual advisor or sponsor through a twelve step approach, or you may find a counselor who’s methodologies attract you. In any event, you can choose OBJECTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY with a trusted friend, confidant, or spiritual teacher to aid you in your path of spiritual action and service. Because once we OUT OF OURSELVES, we could SEE OUTSIDE OURSELVES and gain a broader view of our purpose and destiny. Then we have OPTIONS and we can choose wisely and with spiritual direction.

You may have asked why is the HALT first and not God? Of course God is first, but worry and fear block your access points. If you are racing in the mind and taking actions that arise from SELF WILL, you have a hard time hearing your guidance. However, if you are having trouble with halting, you will need to pray to ask God to help you have the strength to pause and to halt anything that is not benefiting you.

What is making you anxious? A lot of people find that certain things make them obsess or feel bad but feel the need to engage in it anyway. This could be watching the news, texting, getting crazy over your cell phone, or obsessing over social media sites like facebook. Take a break from these influences that may make your mind race even more, and making those decisions to take care of yourself will make your feel like you are making positive choices for yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to stop forever, just until you get yourself back on track. This could even involve friends, family members, or coworkers that could be draining you. Once you make choices for your best interest, you will start to be aware of your own inner guide, your true sense of light, and you will start to feel more confident in your own choices.

And of course spiritual insight, messages and guidance is positive, because it lights the way a little bit so that we may be able to see our options. Just make sure you are truly taking responsibility for your actions and choices and know that channeled information is ultimately a gift for us. It holds a mirror to validate sometimes what we are feeling, to show us possibilities, to provide spiritual awareness, and to connect us to something higher.  What it isn’t is a magic wand that is designed to take away your problems or discomfort through your life lessons. Remember, any time you are uncomfortable, you are ultimately growing and changing!!! And that’s a beautiful thing!!

All in all, do what works for you!! Trust God and trust yourself.


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