January 2014 Inspirational And Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

January 2014 New Year & Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell
I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season. It seems like I was getting a lot of calls over the holidays with people having a “little bit” of drama going on..ok a LOT lol! Of course that’s par for the course for most holidays, but this one seemed a little more, should we say….”hectic”?!!
Don’t fret. It wasn’t only you. There are BIG changes this year for all of you getting ready to make major job and career transitions. A lot of you may be leaving jobs that you spent a lot of years in…but this is for the better. Your spirit has been preparing for these changes over the past two years, and you may have even discussed making these changes with others, but things couldn’t be changed at the time, or things were delayed. You were probably wondering why you felt “stuck”. Well don’t worry! Nothing is wrong or should I say nothing “was” wrong with you. It was just a **knowing** that change was coming, and sometimes it takes a while for those changes to take shape.
Whatever the case, THIS YEAR (actually NOW!) is the time to start pushing forward to follow your dreams, goals and aspirations. And no, this just isn’t **any** New Year resolution BS! This is THE year to move forward! At this point, there are no obstacles. If you haven’t already, check out my YouTube video for the New Year where I go into this a little more. If you enjoy these messages and mini messages, and you are not a current subscriber to the ConnectionBeyond Youtube Channel, it’s time you get your little butts over there! Every week there’s something new whether I do a weekly reading, or have a new friend or product on to show you!
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Medium Marisa Liza Pell: Friday Webcast: Your **Weekly Reading** Going Into 2014!!
Medium Marisa Liza Pell: Friday Webcast: Your **Weekly Reading** Going Into 2014!!


This video should give you an even better idea of what energies you will be dealing with, and I’m happy to say this could be a year of great forward motion and putting major projects into action! Now of course there are some things I would like to make you are aware of. If you are the kind of person with an initial rush of ideas, be careful your plans don’t stay in the “idea” phase, because if they do, you won’t be taking advantage of this year’s opportunities for new projects.

Relationships may be on the back burner for now, but be aware that some of you have an amazing “soulmate connection” in the background…one that will most likely come to light closer to the spring months like March/April. It’s not a bad idea to begin this connection now. Just be aware that it may not get off the ground and really make fireworks until the Spring!
When that time comes, move over baby! Because you will be feelin’ the love!!! This is a great time for healing of strained relationships, reunions and just plain joy. So take advantage of it. And don’t forget to PLAY! Be as a child this year in your innocence, but also be as responsible as you can (even more so than you were in previous years). This year calls for all work and even happier play! So don’t forget both!
This is not the year of sudden luck. It’s more of a year of opportunity hitting because the foundation is there and the seeds have been planted. The first leaf will spring and then it will take hard work and dedication to pull it off, but you will now have something solid to work with. Whereas over the past few years, you were in a waiting arena.
Now, it’s time for you to SPRING FORTH! (Yes, even in winter! And enjoy the fruits of your labor…even though they may appear as small opportunities at the moment). Do not be discouraged if opportunities are smaller than you expected, because the truth is that they are “smaller than they appear” 🙂 The universe will put many and many more small pebbles in front of you. My advice would be: don’t disregard them because you don’t see the road!! Those pebbles are diamonds in the rough, and if polished, you will see them shine. And you are meant to shine this year! But like shinin’ those shoes, it will take a lot of elbow grease, but it will be worth it!
Remember, nothing is impossible! All this year IS possible. So make it count! And aim BIG!
I am looking forward to speaking and seeing many of you in the New Year, and I’m very excited for what’s in store!
All the best!
Sylvia: Your father is coming through again saying “Why haven’t you been listening to me??!!” Apparently, he has been trying to get you messages before. He is saying, “just get rid of that negativity already!” Something about your foot or ankle is bothering you. Stay off it as best you can.
Diane: There is a John/Jack connection and a Harry connection either living or passed. A young man is coming through and says he is very regretful about certain relationships in his life and how or the arguments that happened around his arrangements after he passed. He is saying the division in the family is NOT worth it. He says that more disagreements will most likely be occurring and just to ignore them or “stay out if it.” Next holiday will be a lot better as this tension will eventually fade out. He is sorry he can’t be here to defend himself or help you guys out. He wants to tell his side of the story, which to him is a LOT different than what people are saying about him. This really bothers him. There is a Frank/Francis/Francine connection to him. He brings through the sign of a red cardinal, which means a warning for auspicious people or situations. Stay centered in your truth. He brings through a single coral rose which someone may have brought to him. He is very appreciated of all the love and prayers coming his way. He will cross over very soon.
Olivia: It’s time to start that new diet, especially if you are looking to have another baby! You need to get that sugar out of your diet girl! Not good for you.
Another man Frank is coming in from the other side. He is saying his shoes were always “shined” and there was a definite military connection. He is mentioning working on the railroad or trains. There is another Frank in the family. Frank Jr. Watch your circulation and blood pressure. You need to watch your diet as well. Stop with all the cheese and doughy foods. Your foot is bothering you. It’s time to start walking. There is a dog on the other side with him a family dog. The name Sparky or Sparks is coming in which is possibly another pet. And the name Mario. Something about the last name Glass, or Glass in the name of a town. He is telling you you don’t shave right, and you need to stop being cheap with your razors. Get a good shave! He is fine!
Bart: Stop the chocolate.
Ramone/Raymond: Your wife on the other side sends her love. I feel she is speaking Spanish or another language and is referencing something she gave you to protect yourself or the house (or this is a symbol by the culture of protection) She is referring to “Eagle Eye” or the profile of an Eagle on an emblem where you can see his one eye. She is very proud of you. You have been rehabbing your leg quite nicely and you are following all instructions by the doctors! She is still wearing her beautiful necklace that you gave her! Stan or Sam is a connection, living or passed. Lot of love to you! There could also be a friend Sue or Stu.
Marianne or Last Name Marino/Malino: Happy Birthday Girl!! Your loved ones on the other side are celebrating with you. This will be a great year full of surprises!
Enjoy the rest of your week!! Thank you for reading and please forward to anyone you think received a message in this newsletter! They will be very happy you did. 

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