January 2018 Inspirational & Mini Messages

Welcome to 2018! Are you ready for the intensity that this year brings? You will be faced with many soul purpose responsibilities now that your total transition to the next vibration has taken place.

You’ve been hoping and praying for changes and they either have been brought to you or will be soon! These are rewards and recognition for hard work and perseverance, but with the rewards come responsibilities.

This means that as your goals come to fruition in 2018 (whether that is personal, professional or a mix of both), you must continue to work and refine yourself to remain in this vibration. You are being given more so that you can serve more. You are now presented with the responsibility to make yourself the best you can be.

If you are given a promotion at work, it does not come as a hand out. You now have to perform with excellence and deliver yourself in the best way possible to the people who stand by you and believe in you. It is not an opportunity to be lazy and rest on your laurels. You must now strive to perform with excellence and provide your company or those who look to you for guidance with a polished *you*. 

The first part of these transitions hit after March 2017, when we were forced to move through deep personal transformations. It seemed this year there was no choice but to have these lessons presented. Now that the storms are over and you have been tested by the universe on many levels, 2018 sets the grade and tells you what level you have achieved.

If you did you work and passed your tests, you will find that many rewards await you. However, to keep and maintain this new way of living, you must now take inventory of all the things that are holding you back that you cannot take with you as you tend to your soul’s purpose.

This year is all about hard work. You’ve been tried and tested emotionally throughout 2017 and now it’s time to perform at whatever level you have been brought to. On a very positive note, many of you will see long term goals FINALLY materializing to the point where things are moving forward at rocket speeds.

2018 is not a warm and fuzzy year. It is filled with practicalities, movement and structure. However, you are ready. Now you will have firm foundations underneath you to be able to do your best, at whatever capacity that will be.

In previous years, no matter how much you would reach for the stars or higher levels, the ground would seem shaky and things would always seem slightly out of reach.

That is because the storms of 2016 and personal transitions of 2017 had to come to a close to bring everyone to the places they were meant to be. The good news is that the *tests* are completed and it is now time to show the universe what you’ve got. Do it well, and be proud of how much you went through to get to this place. Celebrate now if you can, because busy times are a comin’!

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Marvelous New Year!!!


Mini Messages For January

Jeremy: Health has returned but you must remember to stay on the ball with your emotional health. This includes any anxiety or depression you may periodically experience as this weakens the immune system and can cause physical symptoms. It may be best to go somewhere *warm* in March! Your grandfather on the other side is mentioning fishing and the old rocky boat. He is showing me his old baseball hat with the netting in the back and his fishing license in the back that he chuckles about, like,”who is going to check my license in a place like this!” He said he used to be clean shaven but when he passed he had some scruff and he still is coming through that way. He is saying you need some alone time on the water like old times to reflect and think about how you want you life to be this year. He sends lots of love!

Olivia: There are two Olivia’s in the family (old and new) they are telling me. That means that a baby may be coming in and the family wants to name the baby Olivia but there are already other ones. They are saying to do it!!! The baby is supposed to have that name and they give their blessing! A woman is showing special jade and wooden prayer beads she wears as a bracelet with small silver pendants on it, which may represent prayers or Saints. They are saying Go Spain! (not sure what that means!)

Rudy: Not sure why they are saying this, but they are saying you are very hard headed and that you are getting SO MANY signs to go in the right direction but you aren’t listening. This has to do with your profession or long term career “placement” as they say. Listen!

Sue/Susan: It’s time to think of changing careers and challenging yourself to do something new. You are great at what you do. It’s not that you NEED to leave, it’s that your soul seeks some change and new experiences. It’s funny they showed me Sue/Susan because in difference sectors of your life, some people call you Sue only, and others call you Susan.

Andy: It’s time to move on.

That’s all for this month!!! Stay tuned for next month’s messages!

Stay Light and Lively!


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