July 2010 Inspirational Message By Medium Marisa Liza Pell

July 2010 Inspirational Message By Medium Marisa Liza Pell

July 3rd, 2010


Happy 4th Of July Weekend! Please have fun and be safe. For those of you on my Facebook Fanpage, you know that I have made some current posts about the universe conducting a very powerful “cleansing process”. That which no longer serves you (or does not serve your highest good) will gently fall away from your path.

Over the past several months, we encountered more severe energy shifts. We have also seen this reflected globally by earthquakes and skittish weather. Unexpected bursts have been happening in our atmosphere, but this month there are no “surprises”. Sometimes doors close on us unexpectedly (even abruptly) leaving us feeling adverse emotional effects.

During this personal “cleansing” in your life, this energetic shift will be as gentle as the summer breeze. But don’t be fooled, there are major shifts that will happen in your life, and many aspects that have been in your life for years may wash away like the tide. You will accept these changes without knowing how or why you were able to do it so easily. You will no longer feel stuck. How are you able to have this acceptance, whereas for so many years you have been fighting your own path?

Well the answer lies in something far beyond our Earthly comprehension. The universe is preparing us for many changes, all of which require us to be moving toward our spiritual purpose during this lifetime. All of you are required to be where you will best serve humanity, regardless of whether you want to or not. Most of these shifts will be POSITIVE in nature. Very positive in fact.

Any negativity you have encountered over the past year was due to you being aligned with those who are not serving your highest good. The universe is letting us know that there is no more time to waste our energy to contribute to lowering the vibration of the planet. The planet is going through a cleansing and renewal process, and as this happens on our earth, your life and state of mind will follow.

Like attracts like, and if you SHIFT, which you will — your vibration and frequency will change. This means that you will no longer “connect” with what you once connected to. It’s just that you are meant to live now in accordance to a divine plan — to engage in your SPECIFIC PURPOSE here. I believe that we all agreed to our Earth Contracts before we came here, and sometimes we get lost along the way.

The best way I could describe this to you is with this analogy. Let’s say you were in cast in a Broadway Show. You know your part, you receive a script, you memorize your lines and you rehearse. But when you’re out of the theatre after rehearsal, you encounter other life distractions. If there are problems at work or home, you might not prepare as well for the show, and that will reflect on your rehearsal. If things get too tense, you might even drop out. But let’s say you are under contract and you MUST PERFORM ON OPENING NIGHT. Other people in the play depend on you just as much as you depend on them.

The role you play is not as important as that you play your role well. We can’t all play the same role. What good is the play if there is no lighting or direction? You were cast in YOUR role with these other people because you all have a purpose to serve together, and YOU have an important part to play. They are depending on you to be as focused as them to make the show a success. No matter what the outside world brings (those distractions that do not serve you), YOU MUST AT SOME POINT “TAKE YOUR PLACES” and perform on opening night.

In life now, the universe has announced it is time “To Take Your Places”! You will automatically start to be shifted back to Life’s Theatre! If you miss your call time, the show must go on without you. The good news is that if you just “Go With The Flow”, you will be in alignment with your purpose. If you are in alignment, you don’t need to know the how’s or the why’s. You just need to look at the script and play the role to the best of your ability.

Think about your passions in life. What drives you? What gives you energy? What drains you? What makes your body feel tired? Pay attention to the way your body reacts and what fills your life force energy. Remain close to those people, situations and passions that align you with positive energy. The people and situations that fall away are not “bad”. So don’t think of yourself as better or worse. They are just vibrating at a different frequency and have different life lessons to learn.

If you have learned certain lessons, you are ready to take the next steps, and you will vibrate to what is meant for your highest good.

This is very interested and exciting energy!

Can’t wait to hear all your stories!



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