July 2012 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

July Inspirational Message & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Ok, so you may be saying to yourself, WHEN are things going to move forward for me?? Well, the good news is that THEY ARE. You just aren’t fully aware of it yet. The seeds you have planted over the past 2 years will begin to sprout and are actually flowering right now. From the third week of August through the first week of September, there could be some strong movements forward. This is a time to **prepare**. Get your yellow lined pad out, and write lists of what needs to be done. You’ll be surprised that if you are accountable to yourself, or even a friend/family member, you will be 75% more productive and will be surprised by how much you will get done!

You may be feeling a “slow down” period right now, where things are VERY QUIET. People aren’t in talking moods, or they are just “in a mood” … where you don’t want to be around them anyway LOL. You may be feeling a bit lonely because people aren’t calling or communicating as much as you would like. There is a huge internal shift going on right now, and a lot of people are becoming reflective on where their life is headed, and are thinking about huge changes, both on this level and on a spiritual level . And these changes MUST be taken. You will see by October, either with yourself or those close to you, that these are THE months of BIG SHIFTS. You will see people making monumental changes, whether it be career, relationship or otherwise. There will also be BIG COMMITTMENTS. So whatever may have held you back in the past two years…no time to fret because it’s really a jumping forward point right now! You may be thinking: “Well, not much is happening!!” Believe me, it is. And you need to prepare!

There may be a tendency now to overthink and get caught up in the mental rumination process. Because of this, you may procrastinate on the practical areas of life you need to take care of . I’ll say it again, make lists!! If you still aren’t feeling motivated, just move the body forward and the mind will follow, even if you are a little reluctant to do it 🙂 This is a great time to seek out help from good friends and family, and let them know your goals and plans. Speaking to people who are in your corner can help maximize the energy to manifest your goals!

This is also a great time to learn a new skill or go back to a talent you were good at and may have put on the back burner because you were “too busy”. Clutter in all areas of life needs to go now!! You need the space and energy for connection to your higher consciousness to channel your own insights and messages for personal direction.

Be brave at this point, and know that anything you move forward on now will be successful. We are coming into a Mercury Retrograde period at the end of the week, and this will continue for three weeks. So, you will feel a little slow, especially over the next few days. It’s a good time to finish projects you have started, and a good time to reconnect with friends and loved ones. Although this period comes with delays, enjoy the calmer energy and get things done!!! You will be happy you did 🙂


Sarah: This is someone on the other side. She is telling me she is wearing her hair back in a “bun” and that there are only a few strands of gray in it. She is also laughing about the fact that she used to cook in LARD! I am getting the name Mark, so this could be someone living that she is mentioning. She wants him to be careful of his back, and lifting large items. There have been issues in the past with work, and she doesn’t want this to re-surface. She is mentioning an antique piece of jewelry which is in the family but is not being taken care of. She’s a little upset about that! She is saying that her father is with her and met her on the other side, and someone has a pair of his black leather shoes here. This woman is tough, don’t mess with her!! She is shaking her finger at you, just like she did when she was here!

Mike: This message is from your father on the other side. He is mentioning nose bleeding. I’m not sure if this is with him or with you, and something about working in a factory. He also wants you to know that the annoying small dog (the Dashshund ??) is with him on the other side and is still barking all the time!! He wants you to look at your check book and make sure your checking account is in balance. He is mentioning a Matt, and a Kelly. Someone’s BIG birthday is coming up and he is saying Happy Birthday. The 30th of a month is significant. He wants you think about going back to thinking about going or finishing “trade school” and he is mentioning trucks or driving them.

Jude/Judy: It’s time to really get your physical body back in shape. Your circulation is continuing to be slow and don’t want water retention. Take care of what you are eating, your stomach is looking like it’s bothering you. It’s time for a massage and a chiropractic adjustment. There is a Virginia connection, whether that be the state or the name “Ginny”. I am also picking up a Richard and a Roger. Eat Kale !!???

Ed: There is man here from the other side that was very close to you in life. I don’t feel he was your natural father, but he raised you or you considered him like a father. He is saying that you are very talented and creative and you haven’t been doing any of it. You keep wondering why you are not feeling joyous. It’s because you need to start doing what you love again, plain and simple!!

Jason/Jay: Oh man. Stop the thinking!! You are making yourself insane, and are not seeing the MULTIPLE opportunities in front of you. Like a detailed map going in all directions, your mind energy is doing the same thing. Pick THREE projects and FOCUS on them. You need to focus on your career right now, and also networking with the RIGHT people, not those who have proven to not follow through in the past. You have a tendency to believe what people say. People from the past in regards to work will be reconnecting with you in “2” timeframe, (within the next 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months). I am going to say 2 weeks would be most accurate. They will propose projects to you, or ask you to re-work or re-do a previous project with promises for the future. DO NOT BUY IT. I see a push forward and then communication stopping for no reason once again (just like it did twice before). Beware of male partners in business, especially if they’re brothers with a family backing. Focus, focus!!! And run, or walk outside. Get your head clear.

Clara: It’s that time to think about a FULL RESTRUCTURE of all business! You have been wanting a change or an “out” for a while and now is the time to put everything into place and start planning. I’m getting a Florida connection, and I believe this is your grandmother on the other side coming through. She may have had trouble speaking toward the later years in life. Someone is smoking around you, STOP!! Re-look at a lease and review the terms carefully. This could also be another document relating to real estate, perhaps commercial. Make sure you hire those with an expertise in the areas that you would like to make changes, just so you are FULLY AWARE of the finer points. You asked for a sign, and THIS IS IT!! 🙂

Hope you all have a great July!!

All my best 🙂


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