July 2020 ~ Universal Message

Happy July!

There is so much to say, and so little words to express it all! I hope a lot of you have been watching my live energy updates. If you haven’t, they are available on YouTube and Facebook. I will include those social media links below for you to subscribe and stay up to date. 

It’s tough for me to look into an entire month of energy at this time, as the energy in the world is transitioning so rapidly. These shifts are occurring about every three days. For this reason, I am broadcasting live and creating as much video content as possible.

The purpose of putting up this content so often is to keep you informed of the current “forecast”.  It is imperative to prepare and make the best decisions for yourself. Consider it like a weather report. If a storm was imminent, you would prepare yourself accordingly. When you are more informed of the upcoming energy and how you can best manage it, there is less stress and frustration.

Since we are in a major transitional season with three eclipses and almost SEVEN planets in retrograde at one point, things could have become quite turbulent! With a mercury retrograde in the mix, this adds to even more confusion and misunderstanding!  Sprinkle it all on top of a worldwide pandemic ~ needless to say there’s a LOT going on.

So I’m sure you’re feeling it! The transitions hitting now originally came on swiftly during the last two weeks in June. These began in the form of great emotional and mental health upheavals, specifically focusing on releasing the past. Those who have experienced pain or trauma in the past may also feel like physical sensations connected to these events are finally bubbling up to the surface. Do not try to push them down. They are pleading to be released!

Please take this golden window of opportunity to allow these releases to occur. You may need to get some energy work, or seek spiritual guidance to help you in this process. No other window of time is greater than now to take this LEAP to freedom. 

Next, we have the Great Division of Souls. Since this information was brought to me over many weeks, it is best to learn about this from watching my video updates that are posted on the topic.

Basically, there is no more limbo, or middle ground. You have either learned your lessons and shifted to high vibration (during the time window in between the three eclipses), or you have decided to not take action and stay within certain repetitive cycles. 

The world right now is divided in energy. Prior to all this, there were many middle levels of vibration as well as high and low vibrational tiers. Now there are simply two. Those that shifted higher may not find much in common with those who haven’t.

Vibrational levels are not inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’,’ they just are. If you take a look at a guitar, certain strings play certain notes. That’s just the way it is. You can’t make an A string vibrate to another frequency.

You are at the level you are on right now based on the seeds that were planted in the last year. This includes the work you have done on yourself and the lessons you have learned. Some of you may be aware that you have shifted, others may have done it subconsciously. 

The way to know is that you just feel different. The people, places and things that used to appeal to you just don’t anymore. You may not have the same interest to connect with some close friends and/or family that you did just two months ago. This is how energy is dividing.  

Prior to this, many of you were able to shift back and forth and move between different levels on the vibrational ladder. In one moment, you were able to allow yourself to vibrate higher. In another moment, you may have allowed a draining person to pull you down. Even though you may have allowed it, you just didn’t know any better. 

Now you are awake. And you do know better. You’re aware of your patterns and cycles. You had time to reflect on what you want life to be, who you want in it, and how you’d like to connect. You may even have different interests, or desire a whole new career. Nothing has changed on the external, but it has transitioned greatly on the internal! 

If you moved through the discomfort and made some very tough decisions for your life, then you’ll be experiencing the first steps into this new vibration. Everything looks a little different, just slightly. You may not be able to put your finger on it. This is because it is not happening fast, but gradually. 

You are on the brink of a new ‘level’. And you need to know how to navigate this new world. Take the time to listen to yourself, look around and explore your new surroundings. At this point, there is no more shifting. You are where you are.

Enjoy knowing that there is no more to do. Now you need to work on living differently. This new level requires it. You will have some hiccups along this new road, but your new internal system will be recalibrating each step of the way. This will help you acclimate to the new energy over time. So expect little blips in this system. These tiny setbacks are just old energies moving out. 

If you recalibrated too quickly it would be too much for you to handle. This is a gradual process. Some of you may have had spiritual experiences during this time, where the reality of thie universe made sense to you. You may have seen the road ahead. While this is great, the human being part of us has a hard time wrapping our minds around what we are shown. How can we be given all these truths and then be expected to live in a world where there is still so much dysfunction and chaos? It’s tough to come to terms with. 

But if you were shown the light, and some universal truths were brought your way, you can rest assured you are existing in very high energy. You will be able to live in this world again. You just need to stay centered and remain around those with like-minded energies. Those you choose don’t have to be perfect, but they DO need to be just as determined to change as you are. You cannot fluctuate between energies at this time, so energies that aren’t like will either clash or move apart. 

Two types of light sources just don’t mix well. They are at different frequencies. You will understand this more as time moves along. Your spiritual body is now activated, and if you continue to stay centered, the universe will reveal to you more truths. It’s not about your personal path anymore. It’s about the world path. It’s not about what the other side has to say, because they are shifting along with us.

All dimensions right now are in this together. Those of you that have shifted have important missions to complete and you must release those who are not in line with the work you are here to do. If you are not sure of your path, but you know you need to follow something inside you, follow up with a trusted guide or spiritual advisor. Messages will be coming to you from many places.

Those in high vibration are already receiving messages for others. This would be primarily true in their spiritual circles at a rapid rate. So please continue to listen to the advice that may be sent to you by others. The messages may even be brought to you by those you speak to on a daily basis.

The other side will also be communicating to you on many levels. They are here with us, moving through this moment in history. They are aiding in the rise of universal consciousness. This is a big moment. Stick with your tribe, and don’t get bogged down by things that make little waves. 

It is my hope that those of you who were meant to relate to this will find some peace knowing someone is speaking your language and that there are people out there who ‘get it’.

I’m including the videos in this newsletter that I feel are most pertinent to understanding the recent shifts. If you haven’t been following the video updates, you may have to watch more than one video to get up to date on all the energies I go over in total.

If you watch one and it makes sense to you, go back a few weeks and start from there. I am not including mini messages in this e-mail because I am feeling this message needs to be heeded as important on its own. 

I strive to feel and implement where the energies are directing me, and try not to question the directives. In July, you must take action from your spirit, release logic and go with the flow. You will have less confusion that way. Things won’t make sense in a linear way, but they aren’t supposed to right now!

Peace, and lots of great energies!


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