July Inspirational Message and Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell



Well here we are in a really HOT July!!! And what an intense 8 weeks it has been! If you have been feeling out of sorts MENTALLY for the past several weeks and could not seem to get your bearings on your routines, know that a lot of “spirited souls” are sharing the feelings. The immense shift from June put everyone a little out of whack. If you have been feeling completely overwhelmed, anxious, or even physically depleted, know this is TOTALLY normal for those of you who are extra sensitive to the energetic transformational shifts that have been occurring since mid June.
You may be feeling QUITE impatient, especially in the areas of life involving FORWARD MOTION. This could take the form of traffic, lines, or feeling the anxious need “to get out of places” because you just feel the need to be FREE and you don’t know WHAT FROM. If you relate to this, you are experiencing even MORE of an energetic alignment increase. So what next? What can you do to move through this discomfort?
For some of you, the physical sensations (mental and physical), the disorganization, the inability to plan the next hour OR the next day, and the frustration of OTHER people getting back to you so that you COULD schedule your life has probably been really exhausting! The good news – things are now shifting into place. The bad news – a lot of you are probably very impatient at this juncture because you just want to see things move along already!
So the challenge here is that things are moving into place at THE NEW VIBRATION rather slowly and methodically. The best advice I could give at this time is to follow up on your projects/leads ONCE and let the chips fall where they may over the next two weeks.  Literally notice what FALLS into your lap. That will be the beginning of the types of opportunities and experiences you will see moving forward into your life.
For some of you, the major shifts may have already HAPPENED and they may have taken place in a very swift manner. A lot of companies and corporations are experiencing major shifts in their energy right now, especially on the EAST coast. If you found you have been let go from your current position, or you were asked to relocate abruptly, or you moved rather quickly, know that you had no other choice in the matter and it was time to go! Know that the universe is PREPARING YOU for where you need to be for your new order and alignment. Remember, the puzzle pieces are falling into place and if you had no intentions of changing, the universe needed to make sure you are moving towards something that truly fits you like a glove.
Here’s why. Due to the increased sensitivity, your spirit body cannot handle any more stress or energy that no longer serves you. While over the last several years you may have felt resilient to all the challenges, now you need SUPPORT in the form of YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Whether that be a more peaceful setting for your office, home, or a brand new job that you enjoy, your environment needs to support these major and sensitive transitions. It is imperative you clear any negative energy, even in the form of material things from your home or office environment starting TODAY! The less clutter, the better. We want to “lighten up” your energy in every way possible so you can move forward without any excess “weight”. This may be a great time to look into programs to shed physical weight as well if it is having a “weighed down” effect on the physical, mental, or emotional spheres of your energy field.
Again, LIGHTEN UP so you can gain momentum! When the time comes to make moves, whether they are internal or external you must not have too much “weighing” you down! You MUST be ready to pick up your backpack and go! And make sure to pack lightly!!! Leave all those heavy rocks out of your backpack before you climb that mountain. You don’t want any energy holding you back when it’s time!
For now, don’t focus on what you need to do next. Just tailor down, do your follow ups, and be at your best! Be ready when the call comes!
If you haven’t felt fully FREE in the past ten years to move ahead, please know that you have been released and opportunities to create your life in a new and revitalizing way are here!
Here’s to swift positive momentum on this amazing journey to new heights and unparalleled adventures!
All my best!



Mini Messages for July 2016 from Medium Marisa Liza Pell
Ronnie, Or Rhonda – Please see the mini messages from April below as the spirits on the other side are saying you either didn’t receive the message OR you didn’t listen!!! If you are a friend/family member of this person please make sure to forward them the message  
(FROM APRIL) Ronnie, or Rhonda- This is a message for someone with this name who is LIVING. Your spiritual ancestors are very sad that you have not been connecting to them this year. You have a Native American family line and you have a Chief standing here with me right now and let me tell you his presence is very strong and intimidating! He is saying that you have been tuning into to darkness, either through living people here or of the next world and it will not serve you, as it is not where you came from. He wants you to remain true to the family line and bring in your HAWK animal totem as your guide and true source of unlimited power and energy. He is also mentioning a hawk tattoo or a tattoo with a bird with a large wingspan outstretched. This is your sign that he is looking to connect. He wants you to follow tradition (the OLD WAY as he puts it), not what you are seeking. This is also related to your finances, and can help with manifestation. 
Stevie/Steven – I feel a paternal grandfather coming through who is giving me the sign of “penny loafers” with brand new pennies in them! He has the shoes on but I feel he is referring to YOU as you really liked them when he wore them or you wore them yourself. It’s important to note that the fact that the pennies are NEW are part of the message, something very special to you. He mentions a ROSE on the other side with him wearing a very prominent strand of LARGE pearls. This would be her signature piece and she also wants me to note that she sang in the church choir for many, many years. She shows me an old battered church hymn book that someone may still have. Steven, they really want you to move forward with your business plan or idea. I hear that it’s something INVENTIVE. Do you need to file a patent and are you procrastinating? I’m being kind with my wording, because they are screaming at me saying, “He’s just being lazy! Tell the boy to get a move on”! They are also slowing me rolled bails of hay. I wondered if they owned a farm or farmland at one point. Whatever the case, they worked very hard and are trying the instill in you the same ethic to be vigilant in your new venture and move ahead NOW!
Peter – They are busting you a bit saying, “Peter Peter pumpkin eater”. I wonder if you had a wife and couldn’t keep her? Or you may need to take a look at your relationship life! I feel you are either on the verge of losing the affections of someone because you are PUSHING THEM AWAY. Maybe this is not conscious, Peter, but I need you to look back on your early life and see how something similar may have happened to YOU a long time ago which may have closed you off to fully believing you can open your heart to love 100%. Know that if you leave this person and give up when they loved you at their fullest, you will continue along the same patterns until you see the lesson. Don’t let it be too late!!! ALL of your close relatives on the other side are coming through giving you a good scolding and a clear warning to take a step back, quiet your mind and see what’s really important. Don’t let a good thing go! You still have time to make things right. 
Josh & Junebug– Now that’s weird! Normally I only get one name and for this message I received two, so they must go together. Junebuggy is also coming to mind and I hear The Glenn Miller Band or some other “big band” orchestra of the time. I also see a small little YAPPY yorkie mix on the other side with the people coming through and they are correcting me and saying the dog is still a little bit of a mutt! This dog used to nip at everyone’s pant hems and pull them apart especially when guests and visitors would come to the house. It was quite an annoyance! But guests finally started getting smart and wearing old “trousers” to come over. They are urging you from the other side to COMMENCE on your creative project or talent and that you WILL receive recognition…finally!!! It’s about time and they are saying it’s your GOLDEN TIME 🙂 Whatever that means!!!
Those are the July messages! Stay tuned for NEXT month!
All my best!


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